The Biggest & The Only Challenge!

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“You Won’t Grow Until Unless You Do Things That Challenge You.” @Anonymous

Today we are going to discuss the biggest challenge that might surprise you when I would divulge it in this blog!

I ask you what is Biggest challenge in your life?

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We all have challenges in our life! It can be Small, bigger or catastrophic, unimaginable to deal with. It can be stated as problems! I am deliberately not using the word Problem here because as soon as we refer to the word Problem, we get paralyzed by fear, we stop thinking! We feel its dead end & we stop acting & we hope to find a solution some way (may be out of the sky!) On the other hand when we refer to it as challenge, we take it head on!

Challenges are different for everyone, scattered in different phase of our life! The hardest thing/challenge for you may not be a big deal for someone. It varies for every one of us, can be categorized in different endeavors. It can be Financial, Personal, Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Relational, Interpersonal, Career, Passion, Dream or Anything!

See, for you it might be a Designation, some sort of Achievement, Reaching your Goal, living the life of your Dreams! Buying the House, resolving a financial situation, Rescue from Financial Burden or Strengthening a Relationship.

In short, it can be anything for You & Me! We can term it as Issues, problems, difficulties or challenges! They do exist! But In my view, these are all small problems/challenges. There is a biggest challenge over everything! Do you have any ideas what is the biggest challenge for you? For Every one of us?

The standpoint of the discussion is –

The Biggest Challenge Is To Win Your Own Mind!  

Yes, that might sound funny, simple but it’s definitely not easy. Can you say confidently that you have won yourself i.e. Won your own Mind? It’s not about winning that Person you love, it’s not about winning that interview or Job, It not even about winning the lottery or the House you desire! It’s not even winning an Accolade! See, it’s not winning the things outside but winning the person that’s within you! It’s winning the little animal within you, which is controlling your whole life, who is driving you vehicle of Life!

It’s not about Earning 100 million dollars, buying a bigger mansion or owning a business. It’s all about winning that little animal within you. The little animal might stand with you & work for you! Or it can stand against you & knock you down. You have to make sure that the little animal Work along with you & you have to be cautious as well that He is not turning into a monster that would drag you down!

Les brown said The Easiest thing I did in my life was to earn a million dollar but the difficult thing was to believe that I can earn it!

I would like to share the Passage that I read from the book of Author Manoj Ambike, I really like the message. Its short but really up to the point & profound meaning.

  • “If You Want To Win The World, You Have To Win The People!
  • If You Want To Win People, You Have To Win Their Mind!
  • If You Want To Win Their Mind, You First Have To Know Their Mind! & 
  • If You Want To Know How Their Mind Operates, You Have To Know Your Own Mind!

If You Win Your Mind, You Will Win The World! Nothing Is Impossible For You!

So, take this challenge head on & conquer your Mind before you conquer the World! If you conquer this little Animal within you, nothing is impossible for you in the world outside, no one can stop you from doing anything or being anything! The whole world would be at your Feet!


–  1Beginner!

– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved!


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