Are You Here?

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to my blog 1 Beginner!

“The Eternal life is give to those who live in Present.”  – Ludwig Wittgenstein.


You guys must have observed that I did take break for a while & I published only 3 posts in last 7 days! Why is it so? My Friends started asking me? Have I lost the interest? Am I out of content? Am I busy? Am I Wondering about something else? Too many of my friends were asking me about this? Why? I want to put end to all the speculation, I have taken a break for a while after a realization.

The real reason I did not write a blog consistently in last week is because of the strange fact (to which I came across) that really made me uneasy & forced me think for a long while keeping everything aside.(even this Blog)

Before that I have a question for you? Are you really here?

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Are you currently here? Really reading this blog? Even though you have decided you would be investing/spending about 5 mins in this blog? But are you really here? Reading this or actually somewhere else?

The imperative of this question is “Are you living in Present?” Most of You must have heard this question hundreds of time but have you really understood the meaning of this question? If Yes, Do employ this Philosophy? If Yes, Do you know How to live in present? If Yes, please write back to Me,I would like to listen & learn from you.

To be very honest, even though I had heard this fact thousands of times & I used to feel that I live in present but in reality I wasn’t 100 % living with this philosophy because I never really understood how to employ it fully, I was following it to some extent in few arenas of my life. I was actually living like a Man waiting for a better tomorrow who is unaware that he has only 1 day to live.

Few days prior I discovered that even though we say that we should live in present, we should live right here-right now but in fact we are living either in the moment reminding, recollecting, regretting about the events of the past or we are always living in (good or bad) possibilities of the future.

In fact I can say for sure that you are not here right now! How? Want to know this? See, you have already traveled into what you would be doing after reading this blog, which website you would be visiting, which page you would be surfing! Isn’t that true? By the way it’s not only applicable to this blog but to your all other tasks as well. Even you are into Eating, you are thinking what you would be doing after the eating! You just physically eating the food, but mentally you are either into deserts or into your post dinner walk. Or what you would be texting to your friends, what you would seeing on YouTube while on your bed? Isn’t that True?

I realized this when I had been under a discussion group – that we do not live in present. It opened my eyes wide open. I realized that we live in an attempt to bring future into the present. So, we lose hold of the present in order to make the future better which would be our new present. So, the loop continues & we never actually live in a present.

About Me – When I did some introspection, I realized I am not actually in the Moment. When I am awake at 5 Am, I start reading but while reading I am actually thinking rehearsing what I would be doing in Gym, But When I am actually in Gym, I am thinking about how can I reach to office & manage my tasks early. So, when I reach office in time, I think how can leave in time & reach home bit early so I can start writing blog. That sounds foolish but that’s true! And it’s happening with most of us one way or another. All we need to step back & see from the another point of view. So, I did some introspection about this whole process, I have been undergoing since last 5 months, I am fully occupied even on Sunday, I am really not taking time to respond, introspect & realize the present moment. Yes, sometimes even your good habits or discipline can trap you if you lose control over them. I realized this paradox & I decided to take break for a while & experience the present moment, do some introspection, guide my mind to stay out of unnecessary deadlines, chaos of accomplishment. I have realized that it’s great to be achievement oriented, it’s good to have to pull of the future but at the same time we should not lose the grip over reality, the hold over the present moment that is actually ours & the best part is if we take care of our Present with full enthusiasm, focus the future would take care of itself. Your vision would sooner be a reality!

The Paradox – We live in near future but even when it (that future) become present we do not live into that, we again live into the next future scenario. We never live in a present, we apply the same to our happiness! We feel when I buy some valuable like a Car/house I would be happy and you ignore all you present moment, goodwill But when that Car comes to you, you again get miserable & start looking for another toy to make you happy! But are you sure that can help you?

How can you?

In order to really live in a present, I feel there is a simple idea. Avoid too much of multitasking, do one thing at a time & give you 1000% into it, without even thinking about starting the another. Continually ask yourself- Are You In Present?  I remind my mind repetitively – Bruce ,Live in a Present! Live in a Present!

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– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All rights reserved.

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