The Art Of Making The Decisions!

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In continuance with my previous Posts – What is The Right Decision? & You got To be A wise man!

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Today, I am sharing few ideas About how to make right decisions. Someone can feel/ask me what makes you an authority to give us suggestion? (or to write this blog). I would like to share, I am not here as Authority but as a person who is capable & confident enough  for decision Making! and What makes me Capable? Answer to that question is the experience.

I have a first hand experience of taking first hand decisions, without consulting with anyone. I took many decisions i.e. Financial, Personal, Career decisions, On job decisions solely on my own without expecting any help, any advise, supervision from any one. Actually I have a habit of taking fast decisions, I take decisions very fast because I believe in philosophy of taking decision Fast & correcting them faster (if they turn out to be wrong) & do not sit calm until you resolve the situation. I believe that if life is yours the decision must be yours.

I do not believe in handing over the driving wheel to some one for journey of my life. Because life is an Adventure, I prefer to drive on my own, even through Potholes, patchy roads , on difficult paths or even on the unseen, unknown tracks. So, if decision is yours, Everything is yours. you must be willing to reap its Benefits, Fruits & Consequences as well.

The Paradox –

Guys, I am not here to preach about my decision making & to show off about my right decisions or success. I want to share the fact that – “Right Decision means making no or less mistakes. Not making mistakes comes from experience, but ironically Experience Comes from making lot of Mistakes.” Ain’t that something. In fact I am not at all talking about my right decision or success I got through it, because its not that important. In fact I took so many decision that went wrong but they helped me learn, made me mature, wise enough & be what I am today (still a long way to go). because I believe its not the Right decisions but wrong decisions that define your life. In my view, there is no thing as right or wrong decision because in the dimension of time moving  forward the right decision taken over a while looks horribly wrong. This must happened with You! Its not you but the Time that decides what is the type of decision.

I would be sharing this article it two parts for convenience of Reading as Part 1 & Part 2

Part 1 – The 13 ideas Before You take Decisions!

Some lesson I learned through my mistakes –

  1. Never Make Decisions While You Are Too Happy Or Too Sad!
  2. Always Think on Paper! Pen down all options whatever it comes to your mind,  Good, bad or benefits, loss. Its not a waste of time but it would give you lot of clarity.
  3. No Guesswork – Do not do any guesswork while undertaking any sort of Major financial decisions! Make sure all terms & conditions are noted down on paper, no things to be taken for granted or under the goodwill of anyone.
  4. If You Are Taking Decision In Hurry, Most Probably Its Going To Be a Mistake!
  5. Never Make Decisions when you are Feeling Too Much Emotional. Do Not Let The Emotions Override the Logical reasoning. Decision Made Under immediate Emotional Influence are not fully logical, it Can turn out to be Painful.
  6. Learn from People’s Mistakes – Do your Homework. Study the case studies, people who have already made such decision, study The mistakes not the success stories. Make sure you do not repeat what someone has already done.
  7. Before going under any financial decision – You must undertake a paid consulting service from expert.(Do not rely or seek for free advice, it may not be accurate.)
  8. If Someone Is Pushing You To Take a Decision – Step Back For A While & Hold The Decision. Come back to it at-least after an Hour or A day.
  9. Never Buy Something Only Because You Can Afford It – See Whether You Really Need It! (and see if you can retain it, maintain it once you Buy it.)
  10. Nothing Comes For Free – If Something Is Free Or Less Than Its Usual Cost, You Got To Understand, that Something is fishy & it might cost more than anything.
  11. Do Some Cost Benefit Analysis, future Projection Before undertaking Any Big Decision in Finance. See, whether you really need it or going just for the sake of social competition. Such decisions can turn out to be major obligation in near future if taken hastily. (like buying a bigger car or bigger House.)
  12. Read “Think Fast & Slow.” This book can really help you to understand which decisions to be taken faster & which to be taken slowly with lot of time involvement, along with tools & resources.
  13. The Support System – You must Carry along your Parents, Senior, Expert while you are taking any big decisions in any en devour of your life. Let it be marriage, House or big purchase or any bigger decision. Even though your parents may not be literate or doesn’t have experience in that arena, still their ideas, emotional support, Wisdom, life & personal experience can help you a lot.

I hope this can help you a lot before undertaking any decision in any en devour of your life. Now, stop procrastinating & living under fear of making mistake. If you can follow this the chances of making mistakes can be reduced substantially, almost up-to 95%. Why ? because i was not following most of them & made lot of mistakes. Now , I do follow them & feel confident while taking the decision. Start taking action right here-Right Now, Start taking decision that you have been pushing for tomorrow. Tomorrow we would discuss the interesting post i.e Part 2 – After you have taken decisions!  Stay tuned for the daily post.  


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written by Mahendra Kapady@ 2018, All rights reserved.

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    Your blogs are really easy to understand and can be used in daily life.wish you and your family a very happy healthy and prosperous Diwali.

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