The Art of Correcting The decisions!

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In continuance with my previous Post – The Art Of Making The Decisions!

This is Part 2 – How to correct your decision if they have turned to be wrong.

What’s Next? 


Why Me? 

Why Me? Why did this happen to Me? This is what you say when you come across a situation, the decision taken by you turned out to be Wrong. Yes, Today we are going to talk about few ideas, mechanism about correcting the path, once we made Mistakes – First of All let me Congratulate you for your mistakes! Why? Because Mistakes Happen! You should not be ashamed or Guilty about your mistakes. Mistakes is sign about an attempt for Evolution. Because Mistakes happen from those who are willing to grow,  who are trying something different. It shows you are growth oriented & into the process of evolution. Its been Said “To Err Is Human.” So, its Okay, Shit happens, now what?

Now take a resolve – I would not stop until I correct it! Decide & affirm- ” I haven’t come so far to stop here, but to travel further & reach longer.”

About Me & My Share – I took many decisions in my life on my own in my very young age. The decision were taken with bit of a study, analysis but with lot of arrogance & Ignorance, so lot of things were taken for granted. A quite good percentage of decisions taken hastily & immediately turned out to be right & my confidence, self-esteem, arrogance went high like sky-Rocket but some very few that went wrong shaked me from within, they turned my life upside down & floored me completely, Which forced me to Slow down, Think and do some introspection about My way of dealing with life & situations. I started thinking deeply why Me? Why this happened?

The decisions that went wrong cost did not only cost me Money but Energy, Time, Health as well. A financial decision that went wrong did cost me for a loss of 15 lakhs. Not only Money but peace of Mind as well. Personal Decisions like collaborating with wrong people, associating with cunning, greedy people did cost me lost of Time, Energy. Trusting people immediately (who turned out to be selfish & wrong) did cost me Emotional pain, peace of mind & Dejection. For a while I lost interest in continuing chores in life when some decisions went wrong. So, if you understand neatly I would like to share my ideas through the wisdom gathered through Wrong decisions, this discussion is not the decision That I have taken single handedly or the decision which turned out to be Right, but about the learning gathered through the wrong decisions.

Part 2 – The 12 Ideas After You Have Taken The Decisions!

  1. Accept The Fact – Decisions can Go Wrong! Yeas, Its okay if the decision you took turned out to Be Wrong! Sometimes you take all necessary precaution & do everything, still the decisions turns out to be blunder. So, what to do? You must accept the fact about it. Accept it & Move On! 
  2. I Am Responsible – Sometimes mistakes Happen! Affirm three powerful words. Say “I am responsible.”, stop finding people’s faults & stop blaming others. Take control of your life & start working on the resolve.
  3. Take a Break for a While & Unwind – Sometimes when you take a break & refresh yourself, you can see the problem from a very different perspective altogether & you might get some a hunch that can guide you towards resolution. Sometimes you have to see the problem from the different perspective than the place/view from where you have created it!
  4. See What you have! Focus on what is still there, not what’s been lost. Take corrective action & minimize the loss than crying over the loss, Because it doesn’t help but aggravate the Loss & pain further. Don’t sit on the problem & Boil yourself, sit aside & see what is left, how can you leverage it to create something Better!
  5. Approach Third Person!  When you feel stuck in any en-devour let it be personal, professional & Financial or any decisions ask for the advice from Third Person. i.e from someone who is not from your field. Trust me, As these people are fresh & doesn’t have any idea about your field or challenge, They can come up impractical, imagined, funny but altogether different perspective that you were not even closely thinking about & mostly it works the best.
  6.  The Common Point – You must Carry along your Parents, Senior, Expert while you are taking any big decisions in any en devour of your life. Even though your parents may not be literate or doesn’t have experience in that arena, still their ideas, emotional support, Wisdom, life & personal experience can help you a lot.(As you can see this point was there in the previous blog as well, I suggest bring along your support system before & after your decision making process.)
  7. Read Books About Your Problems – Instead of feeling lost & doing nothing, start gathering information & start finding ways how can you get out of the situation. Search for books in relevance, you would be surprises to find that someone few years prior had been through the same or even worse situation that you are into right now, still He/she came out and created wonders through the situation. So, he has mentioned the steps, action place for the rescue. Isn’t that beautiful that
  8. Trust People, Ask for Help – You Are Not Complete, You Are Not Perfect, Accept It! Do not feel ashamed of. Do not see people’s credentials or educational background. I was (& may be still bit weak )in this arena. I was not asking for people’s help for my problem. So, I was trying same way over & over again. Finally a non graduate lady who is homemaker, helped this educated, sophisticated person who was going round & round for 2 years in a mis-calculated decision. The lady is none other than My Mother. This experience opened my eyes.
  9. Try New Ways– If you have made a decision & that turned out to be wrong (over a period of time), its okay now stop crying over spilled milk & stand for the resolve. Start taking actions, start looking new ways for the resolution. Its not what happened, its what you can make it happen that really important for you now.
  10. You Must be Honest & Remain Honest! Always see the Final Picture! See the end result while taking the decision, decision taken for personal interest violating the Morals, sentiments of others would turn out as a disaster & full of regret for you in the long run. Do not rob, chain someone for your rescue, that is not a right way to get out of the situation. “Do not choose for others what you do not choose for yourself.”
  11. Challenge Your Assumptions! Sometimes we are assuming too many things, that it would not happen but all you need to challenge those assumptions & move forward with the new view perspective. No problem is sent without the solution. In fact answers come first, all you need is to hunt them! where? within You!Take pen & paper and note down the possibilities that How can you solve them. Do not think logical, think with open-mind, may be illogical, impractical approach. All you need is to open your mind to the new possibilities.
  12. Keep Taking decisions– Take charge of your life & keep taking decisions. Life is not a straight or ascending line. No matter how much you study & be cautious, Murphy’s law would knock you down again & again. some decisions can still go wrong, its not in your hands. keep taking decisions & Keep correcting them.

These are some ideas that you can employ to rescue yourself from wrong decision & lead a better, wonderful life.

– 1Beginner!

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– Written by Mahendra Kapady@20148, All Right Reserved.

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