A complete Guide About Decision Making!

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Few days prior we have shared my viewpoints about The Decision Making. Today, for the benefits of readers & guest I am sharing all my articles of the decision making Series in single post to establish the connect.

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By the way this is not a Copy+Paste or the internet data gathering (collection-disposal) work. This is my actual learning & wisdom I have gathered in the decision making process of 10 years. Which includes Success, lot of Mistakes, fall, heartbreaks, Pain, Financial loss, disturbance, Courage to correction. It can be even termed as The Complete Guide To Decision Making! It basically can answer to your few questions such as –

  1. The Importance of Decision Making & The Science behind it!
  2. What is The Right Decision? 
  3. What is The Right Time for The Right Decision?
  4. Who should take the Decision?
  5. How to Take Right Decisions?
  6. What If Decisions Go Wrong?
  7. How to Correct Wrong Decisions?

You may not read it in once, please revisit after a while, One after the another.

The Complete Guide To Decision Making!

What is The Right Decision?

You got To be A wise man!

The Art Of Making The Decisions!

The Art of Correcting The decisions!

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Written By Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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