The 3rd Definition of Success!

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Yesterday, While I was reading a book, I came across a wonderful concept that I felt so wonderful & meaningful that I decided I should share with You.

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Before that Let me ask you – What Is Your Definition Of Success? 

I ask You! Honestly, Do You Have One? In fact Do You Have any? I mean its something beyond getting a job, getting married, working for family, buying A Car or Mansion. Something beyond paying your bills. Something exciting, something which can make people think about you!
If not, you have to discover/find your definition of your success? Everyone has a different opinion or viewpoint about success. You got to have a version about Success! your Specific & Neatly defined, something that you can confidently share in front of hundreds of people. Can you write it down if someone asks you in a job interview or for a high-paid job! (Trust me they do ask something like this in order to know your vision & view towards life). You got to have Clarity what really drives you? Is it your bills , fear of dying poor or its something else that’s propelling your forward? You got to have a clear definition in your Mind, Else there is no point in living the life for sake of it.

Take a Pen & Paper & Pen down your definition of Success! Lt it be confusing, but at least write few words that you feel about success! Penning it down is important, because it brings Clarity.

I hope you have figured out your definition about success. For majority of Literate, wise people it falls into the below two categories.

Before you go forward , you must know the first two definition of success for Majority of People –

    1. Success is a progressive realization of worthy Ideal & going a step further from the your position yesterday!
    2. Growing in All Necessary Endeavors of Life! (The en-devours can be Personal, Spiritual, Relations, Professional, Financial)

By Gods Grace, I got a good start in my life. I did not take the things for granted, I was very much aware about the growth, progress & expanding my horizons in life. I was not only working on my job but I was improving in my Health, Wealth & Personality. I was growing & going forward in my life according to the two definitions said above. I was perfect fit in both of them but still I was not somehow happy. I used to get the feeling of emptiness within Me. The one question always haunted me – If I keep walking this way, where would I end up after 30 years. Would it be the Right Place? Would I love to be there at the end of the Journey. Should I keep on walking or should I take a halt or abort my journey & take a U turn in my life. I always Asked Myself – Is this Success look like? then Why I am not happy? What is Real definition of Success? by the way I did not get answers at that time, so continued the journey of same path, Finally When I was not in so good phase of my life, I discovered something within Me. Even though I was surrounded by few Problems (I feel Now – which were really not that big, i Made them big due to my lack of perspective) I got to know one thing No problem is sent without a Solution! Answer to all our question are there! But they would be revealed at the Right Time! You would discover them only when you are ready to Accept them!

So,The third one is ultimate because its about the life of meaning & beyond anything.

The 3rd Definition of success is –
Find the Purpose of your Life & Live the Life Of Purpose!

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Do you have purpose for your life? What is The drive of your life? What is the something that defines you? Something that drives you from early morning till the end of the day, still you feel you have lot to do, you can still do some more. What is that drives you? What is that make you tick? What is the underline factor/motive of your life! What people should say your Tombstone?

Its okay, if you do not know your purpose at this Moment. So, your ultimate purpose(duty) is to find purpose of Of your Life! Invest your Time,energy to find your purpose! Throw yourself into the Hunt. From Now on-words, Make the purpose of your life to find the purpose & live it once found! till then do not stop searching!  

–  1Beginner!

Please note- This article is in reference with the concept of writer Mr. Manoj Ambike & with my own inputs.

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-written by Mahendra Kapady@ 2018, All rights reserved.

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