You Do Not Get What You Deserve!!!

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Today’s view point is about – what we really Achieve in our life & How?

Few days prior I was lost into a question that Why only Few People reach the peak of Success without any Background?
i.e. How they achieve a gigantic success without any formal education, without any course, certification or great support/background. How they end up Create something that no one can ever imagine? How do they really make it happen? Are they Special ? Are they lucky? Are they gifted by some 6th Sense? For Example- A College drop out Steve job created a Billion Dollar Company. How He did it? What he really did? Not only Steve job but we have thousands of examples in the history where people defied all the norms, standards laid by society & created a history by going non-conventional & unbelievable ways. When society did not approve them, they did not follow the path made by other people but they created a new one!

What We do?     On The Other hand we spend our entire life running behind those qualifications, certifications, pursue educational curriculum’s sometime even we do not understand, we do not like, hate to follow! Why ? Just to earn those little tags like Doctor, Engineer, Master, PHD, Expert or xyz. Why do we have So much desperation? So that, People can approve us! People can identify us, respect us with those credentials, So we can earn a good position, live a comfortable life. Isn’t it! In short The final imperative – to show people that we qualify for Success, We qualify for position higher than others! We Deserve the Greater life, highest accolades, Bigger rewards from Life! We Deserve to be Successful! 

We spend 20-25 years of life to prove that we are deserving candidate for success. I am not against it but I am not sure How much it really helps. Even I spent about 21 years but I was not sure how this can help me to be successful, so I stopped pursuing the degrees/qualification after that. People spend years & years of life in getting those credentials just to deserve Good life? To Deserve gigantic Success? But do they get it all. I am not sure that’s really good formula Because I haven’t seen much people on the peak of success by this formula. On the other hand there are hundreds of people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie who achieved extraordinary success, earn gigantic wealth without looking for any College Curriculum, any certification or approval from society. Isn’t that stark Truth?

Two Words Stronger Than Anything!


The Fact –  It really opened my eyes when I came across one of the laws that these few extremely successful people operate upon – The Law of Ultimate Belief!They claim the Success even before its realization. They have a burning desire to be successful than mere looking for ways to deserve it. They claim the success through this law which we really ignore or fail to apply. We want to be successful, so we keep on working on us from outside, to justify ourselves to society But inside we do not really believe that we can achieve it. We may hope for it but we do not really believe for it! We keep on walking in life with lot of uncertainties in our mind.

So, I would like to share a quote that I came across in my reading on which the whole discussion stands upon –  I suggest you to Affirm it, Believe it & Emboss on your Mind! In my view that’s the ultimate truth – There is no truth beyond it!

Image Courtesy-AZ Quotes


I ask You – Do You really believe that you are going to be Successful or you are Hoping for it/working for sake of it so that you can deserve to successful! Its bit complicated but a different truth altogether. The ultimatum is ” You Get what You Believe, You Become what You Believe.”

In life, Mostly, You do not get what you deserve! But You definitely get what You Believe! Its not the matter what you deserve it or not but its a Matter of How much you Believe!


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– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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