You Always Have One Resource & One Way With You!

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About a Year prior, I had an idea about a starting a small business. It was nothing new, just a small idea, an online selling venture. So, I requested my friend to join me for the business Idea. He is also an optimistic guy, He said your idea is good But! Here comes the Big But! but we don’t have the Place, Time, Money, Support & he poured the list in front of me. The bottom line is he has to say – We lack the resources.

I did agree to him for a while, but I was not convinced about it. I was sure that lack of optimum resources is not the reason to kill your dreams. Later on I kept that idea aside in order to focus on my Writing, Blog & training system. I do agree, He was right. All he was saying was the fact but do you think we should accept the facts all the time? because sometimes facts do become Excuses & the reason for regret once opportunity is lost!

In line with this discussion few days prior I came across a discussion with a profound quote which really fascinated about my approach towards our Goals. This quote is the pillar of this whole discussion.

The Profound Truth! Hard Wok is (Image Courtesy- AZ Quotes.)

The Fact is We do not have optimum Resources – So,We Should Give Up ?
Or we should take a turnaround & think from some other way around. I do agree having optimum resources in you hand makes you task easy, there would be less challenges and your business would be in flow but giving up because of their absence is definitely not a good option! What about some other resources? You still have the few of them with you! Have you ever thought about them? You have it, still you don’t know about them. May be You do not value them! You must be thinking – What are they?  Your Brain, Your Mind & Your Hard-work! What do you feel ? these are not resources? Aren’t they available & accessible to you? Yes, they are always with You! No one can take these away these from you at any cost! Only you give up on them and that’s when you lose!

Yes, You are your Biggest Resource! No matter how hard or challenging situation it can be or turn into!
You always have One Resource & One Way with you! Its You & Hard Work Way!
The Hard Work way is the Best way & its always open for You! Its open to everybody but the problem is very very few are willing to walk through it! Why ? Its simple, because its Hard! And We are so soft end generation now, so we do not want anything Hard!

The paradox – We all wish to be successful & live our dreams. We even affirm that we would do hard work & we would do whatever it takes to reach our Goals! But back in our mind we are always looking for the Easy way & Short cut to success, So it can minimize our efforts & we can reach to the peak of success faster without much of a hassle!

Image result for ELEVATOR

Being successful is a process equivalent to climbing the long ladder! We can always take one step after another & reach to the Peak. But what we do? Instead of doing that/putting the efforts we start looking for the Elevator (The Elevator resembles to the ample resources, excessive funds, support etc.) if we do not find the Elevator or if Elevator is out of order, we start blaming our people. our luck, so at the very same moment we completely overlook the Stairs that are just next or few steps away from the Elevator!

Image result for VERY LONG STAIRS

Trust Me – Hard Work is the Hard way but the good thing is it’s always Open! 

Are you willing to take it? or you would be waiting for The Escalators? 


If liked please share your opinion & share with your friends & loved one.

– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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