5 Rules of Richest People!

Hello Friends,

Welcome Back to My blog 1Beginner!

Someone today texted me- Hey can You share some ideas with Me? What should I do? what should I read? Give me an Idea How can I improve in my life?

I believe that An idea can change your life! Some ideas are really worth sharing! My friends kept on asking me which books to read to brainstorm & how get aligned with the greater life?

So, as something new & valuable contribution on this blog, from today on wards I am starting to share the Book Titles & its short synopsis which can help my readers & people to sharpen your mind. I am sure this can definitely help you to expand the your horizons

In last week, I read an interesting book from the Writer Sudhir Dixit! Actually I was looking to read a book in regional language, in order to revive my knowledge, learn new words & to strengthen my grip on my mother Tongue. I came across this book. I was not sure whether its good book or not! I noticed This book is not that famous, not a bestseller, never heard before. Actually I did some rigorous research in order to find that & without even reading or searching any review I ordered the Book! One of the reason I bought without even knowing its credentials because its under my resolve of 5000 books in Lifetime! I feel its really a great decision buying the book.

The book is titled as Five Rules of Richest People!

This Book contains stories of The beginning, Struggle, Resistance, Triumph & gigantic Growth of the legendary & iconic brands like Mcdonalds, Apple, Dominos, Bharati Group, Fedex, Essel group, Walmart, Disney, CNN & many more. I really feel mesmerized after reading the book & I got to know despite being open, Disciplined ,Hard working & unreasonable, There are still many ways I can improve & do better in my life. The book discuss about the principles, philosophies of highly successful people.

The 5 Principles of Richest & Successful People are –

  1.  Do Something New!
  2. Take Risks!
  3. Face The Problems! Be courageous!
  4. See Big Dreams!
  5. Always Think Long Term!

I suggest you to absorb to these Principles & apply them in your life in all extent you can before you start something new & jump into any venture of your life!


Written & Compiled by Mahendra Kapady, All Rights Reserved.

If You are interested you can definitely buy the book from the link shared Below.

https://amzn.to/2TjorJF (Hindi)

https://amzn.to/2DJQq0F (Marathi)

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