Why Winners Are Different?

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The Price Of Greatness Is Responsibility”

– Winston Churchill.

3-4 days prior I read a biography of our National Hero Bhagat Singh, I rally felt touched, moved & inspired. So, I read, searched more about our legend. I really salute to the thoughts, philosophy & selfless commitment he had towards our country India. I couldn’t came out of it & I went on seeing & reading same again & again, I don’t know why but I was continuously thinking about it, there was only one question rumbling in my mind that how someone can do so much in just life span of 23 years ? He did not only fight but sacrificed his life for the country. How did He do that? What gave him so much courage? What was the thing that drove him to take such heroic actions? I got the question what was the drive of his life? What was the philosophy of his life? more importantly How can I apply the same philosophy in my life?

I am sure that Sometimes We all get occupied with a question, What it takes to be a Winner? I don’t know about everyone but I surely Do! Every time I read about heroes or refer to biographies of legends like APJ Abdul Kalam, lincoln, Bhagat Singh, I always myself a question – How they Did it? What they really did different in their life? How they became so different? Where did they actually begin? I do study lot about their beginning!

I always ask – How they Did it? So, How Can I do it? Why Can’t I? I try to find the resemblances we have in common. I ask myself – How should I begin? The approach helps a lot! If you have problems read the biographies of legends. You would find that the winners had similar or even worse problems than us, still they rose like phoenix from the ashes! If they can do it, why can’t I ? Why can’t You?

Have you seen Winners? How they look like? Do they have 4 hands, a bigger head, different brain or any magical wand with them? Of course not? Winners are human beings, just like you & Me! Are they any different than us? Not at all. They come from same situation, same challenges, sometimes  problems even worse than us or from imperfect background, still they evolve themselves as extraordinary & Rise beyond horizon. How & Why? because its not about what is happening outside them but something that is happening inside them. The choices made, stance taken makes them stand apart from the ordinary.

Winners are not born different, They become different by the Philosophy they Inculcate, Attitude & thoughts they develop & action they take.

Why Winners are Different?

The one of the greatest attribute of Winners is that they are always different. They do not follow the crowd or predefined path, they make their Own Path. The Path is least traveled, Path of highest resistance, Threat & Uncertainties. They are bit Eccentric, into their own world, Believe what they do & do what they Believe.

Winners are different because they take responsibility. They take responsibility of their life & people who are in vicinity of them i.e. in society, Area or in their country. They take responsibility of their actions, their Outcomes & their Future! They Do no say just mere words. Once they say something or give their word, they follow the responsibility no matter what! They never say I would try rather they say I would do it! For them there is no thing like If or But , the only thing they say is – I will Do it! They do not back out stating excuses. They Commit first & throw themselves into the discomfort to complete what they initiated, what they assured. They are unreasonable people!

How You can be Winner? The moment you cut down you excuses & take responsibility of your life, you take first step towards your evolution. 

The sole decision of taking responsibility & strong resolve to achieve your goal at all cost without getting reasonable makes you stand in the category of the Winner.

As its been said winners don’t do different things, they do the things differently.

“Responsibility is not a liability, its a quality that designs your character, Defines your self-worth as Human Being.”@MK


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– Written by Mahendra Kapady, All Rights Reserved.

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