Exclude The Word ### From Your Vocabulary!

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Few days prior, I came across an interesting point which literally forced me to think & I decided to alter my language that I am using towards my tasks/challenges in my life. I learned this concept in one of the training’s I attended. I feel its so valuable that it should reach to my readers. I consider it is one of the breakthrough discussion I have discovered in my life through that session.

You must have said or heard statement like – I want to start Running 5 km BUT I don’t have Time! hold on to this statement for a while.

The Dangerous Word – Its about the Word BUT! Its just a simple 3 letter word, but when you use it very often in your Vocabulary it takes a whole new meaning & creates it space. It grows so big that it blocks your path towards your Dream and all of sudden your dreams starts slipping out of your eyes. It blurs our vision completely and you see nothing but the problems in your life. It completely chain you in the reason, excuses & problems. It paralyses your brain & mind so much that you do not even bother to think about taking actions towards your Dream.

Here it Goes –

Lets take some real life scenarios that we face as challenges, few examples are-

  • I want to lose weight but I don’t have a Time!
  • I want to buy a house BUT I don’t Have Money!
  • I want to start my Business BUT I don’t have Support, Experience!

you can have various examples with format of – “I want to do X BUT I don’t have Y.”

World Through The BUT – When you see your life, your Goal though the word BUT the X & Y looks exactly opposite and it feels its very difficult to achieve X without achieving Y or without putting Y in right place. Whereas, in reality achieving Y is not your Goal at all, still you end up spending lot of Time, Energy & Focus by working on Y itself, so you end up forgetting X, which was your genuine Aim.

For exampleI want to lose weight BUT I don’t have a Time! In any example something that follows after word BUT Becomes the major issue for your mind. like here Your major Goal is X= lose Weight/Getting in shape & Y=Time. Because of second statement – BUT I don’t have Time! the scenario takes a complete different turn. So, you start looking at Time as your major concern or problem, Which end up becoming  indirect & ultimate Goal. Whereas, getting in shape/losing Weight is your Prime Goal. I hope you are getting my point.

Image result for DARKNESS
World of Darkness with Word-World of BUT!

I do understand Y is one of the important factor but its just a component to fulfill X, its not Complete X. See,You got to Work on X then Y would happen or land at right place as you keep walking towards X, that’s how progress happen and you accomplish X. 

The simple rule – You accomplish X only by Focusing on X, not on Y. For e.g. You can become a Good public speaker by focusing on public speaking not by focusing on Fear or people’s views about you. Fear or feedback is the partial part of the process, not the complete one, but public peaking is the major & important part of focus. You can apply it all endeavors of your life. It can be getting in shape, establishing a business, buying a House or anything.

The New view – Do not ever use word BUT as conjunction with what you really want to accomplish. Do not see the world through the glasses of BUT, if you do you would see only obstacles not the possibilities. Anything that succeeds after the Word BUT stops you completely from taking action towards X. You feel that with Y in picture its very difficult or almost impossible to achieve X. And you end up losing the chance to discover the ways/possibilities to reach X. When You Use Word BUT, the X & Y looks exactly opposite. and you end up falling in a trap of working on Y, which deludes you from your purpose. You cannot get X if you keep on working on Y. The word BUT shuts down your mind & stops you from thinking the new alternatives.

The solution – You should remove the Word BUT from your vocabulary. You must use the word AND instead of word BUT. This looks like small change that may go unnoticed but it makes huge difference in your life. because what you say outside that goes inside & creates its entire universe around it. You plant seeds in your mind through your Tongue. So, you got to be careful while planting seeds in your mind. When you say BUT you are indirectly referring its Not possible but when you say AND you refer How can I make it happen?

Now I would repeat the same statement that I stated earlier, see the profound difference in meaning what it makes.

  • I want to lose weight AND I don’t have a Time!
  • I want to buy a house AND I don’t Have Money!
  • I want to start my Business AND I don’t have Support, Experience!

Very Important – Please follow these 2 steps & experience the change.

  1. Now close your eyes & repeat the statements with word BUT. i.e. I want X BUT I don’t have Y. keep your eyes & repeat the statement 3-4 times. Mediate on this statement for 10 seconds. See, what’s happening in your mind. What you can see!
  2. Now close your eyes & repeat the statements with word AND.  I want X AND I don’t have Y.  keep your eyes & repeat the statement 3-4 times. Mediate on this statement for 10 seconds.
Image result for possibilities
World of Possibilities with Word-World of AND!

Now, you do not have to tell me but I am sure about the difference you have found. When I said Statements with word BUT, my mind didn’t provide me anything, I was completely shut & I could see only darkness, hollow black space. Whereas, when I repeated the same statements with word and I started looking for Possibilities that I never imagined, some ways that I never thought upon. That’s the Magic of Words. In my view the Word AND extends you towards possibilities whereas word BUT put brakes on your possibilities & Actions. You must work on the shift to replace word BUT With AND.

Remember use the Word AND!Exclude the word BUT from your Vocabulary! 


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– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018 (concept discovered through Landmark Trainings.)


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