Sometimes,You Need A Break From The Good!

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner!

You guys must have noticed that I was inactive on the blog for about a week, In-fact to be be very honest I wrote only 29 articles in last 45 days. Why So? I have a reason for it, by the way its not apology or excuse but a perspective! Just stay Tuned.

The Title of the blog could be – Why I took break for a while? Actually I intended to write a blog with heading “Why I took break from the blog.” because Too many friends & readers were asking about it. I didn’t answer them clearly, so I thought better I would write so it would reach to all of you those who had concern or doubts about it!            later, I decided to broaden the perspective with new view because the message I want to deliver today covers diverse range of your tasks, activities & it applies to each & everyone in the life somewhere.

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I had been writing at least 1 post a day for about 6 months. I wrote almost 148 articles back to back without a break. I had kept a resolve that I would write everyday No matter what, irrespective of subscribers, views, Work-load, Health or life. I had decided I am going to write whatever it Takes! I wanted to write because I wanted to write! There was no other reason like fans, appreciation, views, followers needed from outside. I was writing like a maniac for about 5 months why ? It was making a better person & I really loved the process, response, feedback I received from rare few.

The Discovery – Sometimes, I was writing from 6.30 Pm to 9.30 pm , sometimes I used to publish, re-correct the blog till 1.30 Am midnight. Still, waking up at 5.30 Am next morning. Then going with cycle of Gym, Job, life Chores, Blog & So on. I was very happy that I am full-fulling my Target of 1 Post a day & too many people were praising me for my efforts. It was going pretty good until in last month I realized where I am actually leading? I am not totally living in present! I am living for some sort of life after 4-5 hours or in tomorrow. Because of the Target of writing a Post a day, I am somehow ignoring or de-prioritizing some activities that were quite important. I Knew its my passion but somewhere I was overlooking something equivalent like family, health, sleep hours, Time-sense. Even though this activity/writing a Blog is Good still it was somehow overshadowing something else as well. (I have to say something in different sense, I am not sure how you guys are interpreting this?) Sometimes, The passion takes over & it becomes obsession then everything around looks irrelevant even though it is important. Sometimes your passion changes all your priorities of life.

I have to say even though my activity i.e Writing a post was Good but due to extensive immersion into it, I was disconnecting from reality, Sense of Time & happenstance. I was so immersed that I was not living like “Human Being.” but A “Human Doing.” I was so, immersed into it that I wasn’t following the concepts that I had written. I was procrastinating very little & important thing  & started feeling some hick-ups in necessary activities & life chores. I was not meeting new people, not expressing fully not going anywhere. I was always Right Here, Right Now Person. But I became “Write Now Do That Later” person. I was freaking procrastinating even smaller things like paying the utility bills, vital things like talking to Parents. That’s the thing that made me nervous, I got to know I am not living in present. I am running in target loop. I am not living fully what I am saying! I am not in sync with my own philosophy! 

I hate that Thing – I hate mere talking doing nothing!  I hate the people who do dry talks. i.e. People Who talk hopping things but do nothing. I never liked that way & I never lived my life that way. I am believer of my own philosophy! I say what I do, I do what I Say! that’s the only way! There is no other way around. No shortcut, No Cutting the Corners! I never wanted to be talker but I wanted to be A Doer! I am not preacher of a Philosophy but I am Follower of own Philosophy. I am believer of my Philosophy. I am Gini pig of my own philosophy.  I apply the things before I write something, before I deliver something in-front of people. It doesn’t matter people like it or not, if my conscious say its right thing, I do it, I do not seek social approval. Due to extensive involvement I was not getting detached. I was getting disconnected from my strong resolves due to the Target loop.

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I Took A Break For Breakthrough!

Breakthrough – 

I believe  – When you see yourself from your same set of eyes, i.e. your own/same view, you feel everything is perfect & everything is alright. You feel everything is going right way the way You are doing. but sometimes you need to throw away those glasses,step above & see yourself from the Third person perspective. i.e. through the eyes of someone who is neutral & honest. (It can be your own eyes but elite level of honesty is required to see something unusual in you, your life, you loops)

I Even though Writing a blog is good thing, still it became a routine & its blocking me from stretching my horizons & looking outside, looking deeply within my inner-self. So, I took a break for a day &  I started noticing the unusual. I took break for another day, I felt different. 

Sometimes, you need to take break from something Good, wash your Glasses, Rise a step above and see yourself from the step above viewpoint then you can see your flaws, your loops, your little voice, your restrictions & boundaries set by you. That’s the same time you can discover a possibility of something Great for you! The standpoint is sometimes you need to stop doing something good, take a look around & hunt for the possibility of elevating yourself to the next level. You can go to next level only when you are willing to discomfort yourself by leaving the luxury of the existing level.

You must leave something Good in order to achieve the Great! You wouldn’t reach top of the staircase if you are not willing to leave the existing step. Hence, I decided to revisit my resolves , re craft my own philosophy & put a check-mark whether I am following the same or not?

So, I looked for the possibility of How can I go better? I did read books of different genre, met with new people, Traveled for 2 days, Did a training, helped some people, did some hunting, started working on my venture, resolved my tasks which were due for no reasons. I feel revitalized, enthusiastic & stronger when I have placed the things at right place. I am back now! I broke the pattern & instilled a new one now. A better & confident one! I revamped myself from Good to Better!

Trust Me, Even though you are doing Good now, Sometimes you need a Break from something Good in You in order to explore the Greatness in You! @ MK


– Written by Mahendra Kapady@ 2018, All Rights Reserved.

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