Why Are You Smiling?

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“If You Smile For No Reason, May Be You Will Find A Good Reason!”      @ Mahendra Kapady.


I reached to office & I was just smiling! Maybe, I was sort of giggling! My colleague saw me smiling! Came to me & asked me – Why are you Smiling? I said nothing! I am just smiling. She said “No, there must be a reason! No one smiles for No reason! Tell Me.”  Why you were smiling? She asked again – Why are you smiling? I really had no answer for that question!

I said – I am smiling because I want to Smile! Why do we need a reason! It’s a natural thing. She was still not convinced, but somehow the conversation ended there.

That pushed me into thinking! After a while, a thought came to my mind! Why do we need a reason to smile! Why can’t we just Smile? Why do we need a Reason?

I think we should just smile to Smile. Just Smile! Nothing else. Why do we need a Reason? Why every Act, every good thing need to backed by a Reason? It seems Society has made new norms for smile, Joy & Happiness? You just can’t be happy, joyous for no reason. There has to be a reason, else you would be termed as Fool or Casual. For smile, Joy & happiness you need to validate to people around you, else you would be labeled as- He is out of his Mind! (I have heard this opinion about me from my college days & I do not give a damn.)

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Reason behind the Post-

My Old Story –I was a guy of Joy, Fun & Laughter. I was a jolly guy in school, college days by the time I was 22. I was a Happy Go Lucky kind of dude. I used to smile about 10-15 times in an hour, sometimes may be more than that. I was the man of humor, laughter & comic sense. Sometimes, people did advise me to control my Enthusiasm.

Fast forward 6-7 years. Life outplayed me slowly, slowly without realization. I lost my genuine smile. I was not at all laughing naturally, there was no spontaneity in it. Either it’s a sort of fake smile or a casual, Half-hearted one. One day, I noticed I am not at all smiling & I have developed wrinkles/lines on my forehead. I ran an experiment to note my smile count. When I did my Smile Count, it came around 12-15 times. (It came around 20 times if I am watching TV & with my friends). On the other hand, I came to know that I am getting irritated, angry very frequently. The count of Anger, irritation is exceeding the smile count! It was very shocking to me. In 2015 when I did some introspection, I found that I am finding a reason to get angry, irritated but not to smile. The Anger was taking a toll on my personality, My life & My relations with people. My Mother started saying me that why you get Angry over small things, I do not know at which moment your anger would tip-off for no reasons. I thought how did this happen to me? I asked myself why? How did I reach here? This shocking revelation forced me to think.

I decided to Change –

So, I decided to Rekindle my smile, Laughter & bring back my old personality. Hence, I started taking deliberate efforts that would bring back the old laughter, Joy in me. So, I started practice smiling! I set a schedule! I started Smiling for no reason. I set a ritual, to smile in the morning when I wake up. I go to the Mirror, I say thank you to god with a broad smile & keep on smiling for about 1 minute. I started this ritual 4 years prior & I am still following it very rigorously. I started applying this in different areas of my life. Then I went on elevating it like smiling with colleagues frequently, cracking some jokes, showing some humor with customers to make them feel comfortable. Getting humorous with ground staff, spending time with kids. I undertook a new practice in my life. I.e. Smiling with Passersby for No reasons. I just offer them a smile. Few reverts, many don’t. It doesn’t matter, I am selfish I know how its important to me. In traffic, I smile with around 10-15 drivers of Cars during my daily commute of 2-3 hours. I offer them the lane/to over-take me. I slow down my car & allow the pedestrian to cross the road, they look at me, and I give them a broad life. Few of them acknowledge & return a broad smile. I feel very wonderful.

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In My view, Smile is the Currency of Happiness!

You must practice Smile in your day to day Life. And most important you don’t have to find a reason, you do not need a reason. Just express yourself, the smile would open you up, it would revitalize you & rejuvenate you! People might term you as a fool or stupid but I feel it’s better to be Fool than Sad! Smiling not only helps you to maintain your mood but it’s also open up ways with new people & New Possibilities. We all know, what goes around comes back around, If You Smile more often, Send it more often, repetitively to the universe, I am sure it would definitely come back to you as Happiness.

The smile is the Gift you must give it to yourself every day, every often for No reason!  & If you can honestly offer it to others, life would be a spectacular, a Memorable journey.

” We do not Laugh because We are Happy, We are Happy Because of we Laugh.”      @ William James!


-Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.




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