Step Into The Unknown!

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner!

“Every Great Move forward in life begins with a life with a leap of faith, a step into unknown.” @ Mahendra Kapady.

This post is about the events happened with me few Sunday prior. I am using different timelines & sharing as these things have happened to me today.

Scenario 1– Last Wednesday, I was offered to play a vital role of Presiding officer in my Toastmasters Meeting. Actually, it was a wonderful opportunity & sort of proud feeling. When I was offered by the Executive committee (even I am part of it) I said yes to it directly.

Scenario 2– Two weeks prior, My Toastmasters met Shankari asked me whether I would like to attend different sort of performance event known as Kathasangam at Versova. When I heard about it from her & from organizers, I got to pretty excited & I said yes immediately. I did not only said yes but even assured to her that I would be sharing a story/speech in that event.

So, this was about the two different events & opportunities were laid in front of Me. I said Yes to both of them instantly, because I wanted to shake myself & step out of my comfort zone in order to grow. Even though these events were happening in different places but there were too many common things between them. Both events were happening on the same day, People involved in both the events were the same & another similarity was they were very new to me & I was not at all experienced in any of it.

When they were offered to me I took them as a challenge, I thought I would do necessary preparation & I would deliver it aptly, but due to office assignments & some sort disturbance in office, I couldn’t prioritize them properly. And on Saturday, just the day before both the events I found that I am not at all prepared for any of them.

I was a bit scared from within, I decided that I would drop out at last moments stating some reason. But still, something within me was saying to me –

# You would never be fully prepared, Still, you got to jump in & deliver! You can still make script & practice with whatever time you have with you!

# Don’t give excuses!

# Don’t be Coward, Face the situation Head On!

# You are accountable to this situation, take responsibility & Face it!

So, on Saturday night I did some soul searching & made a script at 11.30 pm & to reassure whether how it would be? I thought I should ask it to my Mentor Pallavi , if she is can suggest me something, I did ping her almost at 11.45 Pm. I never thought she would be able to help me at that time, But to my surprise, She responded & asked: “How can I help you with?” I shared the situation- She said send me the script & she suggested me some changes. (By this time my mind got convinced that I have to perform now anyhow, I can’t let her down. Now I have become answerable to her as well.)

Next morning I did practice for few times & I delivered my introductory segment decently & I felt like rescued & sense of accomplishment. Task 1 Accomplished.

I got a little bit boost of confidence. Then, I went home hurriedly So I can prepare for the second event in the evening. I had only 2 hours to make all the preparation. I had nothing in my hand, No idea what I am going to deliver, No script, No practice. The clock was ticking. Since language was not the barrier I decided I would share something where I am completely comfortable, I decided to share a wonderful story of two brothers from the Marathi language. I knew the story, in fact, I have lived that story & message is deeply imprinted on my mind. So, I started writing a short bullet script just to organize my thoughts. But when I started writing I realized that I am not comfortable in writing Marathi anymore, I was struggling to form statements & writing it in on paper. It took me almost 2 hours to write the 2 page/5 min small script. I didn’t have time to prepare, it was already 4 o clock,  so I left the house unprepared with that incomplete script paper. I was making the practice in the car. Every time I was practicing my speech, the script was changing every time. I did practice 3 times in car & every time the speech was entirely different than what I prepared. So, I was a bit hesitant when I reached there, I was not fully prepared, maybe not at all prepared.


I reached there, Shankari was the host of the Show. Oops! Now what? The event got started, every moment my mind was looking for the reason to back out form the storytelling. I did say that to the host of the show- My met- Shankari. I was saying to here- nobody is sharing in that language & nobody would understand in that language, I think I should drop my speech. She said, No! You must! I don’t know you got to deliver it anyhow. (Oh, Now it was compelling) she didn’t follow the sequence of performers & called me in between. I had been to the stage. I shared the story in my language. Since it was not usual, people took a lot of interest & listened to it very enthusiastically. Task-2 Accomplished.

New View –

These 2 events gave me a big insight. No matter you are prepared or not you got to jump in! And If you are willing to jump people would support you & net would appear, Your well-wishers wouldn’t let you get hurt. For me today they were My mentor Pallavi & Met shankari. They did not listen to my excuses & reasons but saw something in me & pushed me to go there & perform. I got a good exposure & command over my defensive mind to stand up despite fear.

Through this story I would like to share – Sometimes you got to step into the unknown, in order to grow to bigger & expand your horizons. Good opportunities always seem illogical & difficult when they are in front of you. They would always be standing in front of you when you are not prepared. You would be never prepared for them, still, you got jump in & give a performance to showcase your attributes. It would not only help you to gain experience but also strengthen your mental muscle. So look for situations, opportunities that shake you off & piss off when you think about going for it. You always perform & give more than usual efforts when you are uncertain, not prepared fully. You give your best when you are not comfortable.

Jump In! Make Mistakes! Fail Forward! Move Ahead!

– 1Beginner!

– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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