Its Okay To Appear As A Fool!

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Few days prior I came across a philosophy/quote which really forced me to think about our notion to Act Smart & Look Good. In short, we all are cautious that We should not appear as a fool by any means. Aint that True? 

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You must have Heard this from your peers! Isn’t That True? 

Why Can’t We? 

It’s Philosophy that made me think why Can’t we flow with the wind? Why can’t we act normal? Why can’t we express ourselves naturally? Why can’t we talk what it comes to our mind? Why can’t we go for what we really want to? Why can’t we take a shot what our mind wants to do, What our heart intend to do? Why Cannot we ask something that we genuinely need? Why can’t we ask for something which is ours, still in possession of someone? There are too many things where we can apply this why can’t We? I would rephrase this question Why Can’t You? Do you have any answer? 

The only thing comes in between is – The Fear of appearing as a Fool! & The bigger question – What people would think about Me? 

Why Can’t I? 

I want a leave for 2 days!  I wish to ask for a concession from the office! I want to talk to that person! I want to get in touch with my higher authorities to ask for that position? I want to talk to that girl! I want the extra scoop of ice-cream in the shake. I want the extra piece of pie? I want the window seat! I want the glass of extra Juice! I want a bigger piece of Cake! I want some help from you! I want to share my story & experience with People!  I want to deliver a speech! I want to write my story & share my ideas with people! I want ——— etc, still I do not take the step forward? Why? Because of the major question – What they would think about Me? What if I make a mistake? They would think I am imperfect, I am a Fool! I am demanding! 

We always make sure that We should not appear as a Fool! we always want to look Good & avoid looking bad in front of people. We must have a social approval for our acts & decision!  

What You Earn & What You Lose??

Our Parents teach us to look good, don’t do something foolish, Don’t talk too much. Don’t let them fool you! Play Safe, do not become a piece of fun in-front of Crowd. They tell us Be sincere like Rahul. See how calm & silent he is! You must have heard this! I have heard this too many times. Aint That True?

So, We make sure not to appear as a fool at any costs! we always want to look Good & avoid looking bad in front of people. We must look for a social approval for our acts & decisions! In the process of looking Sober, we never express ourselves openly. We never ask what we want, We never do what we love to do! So, We do what is been said to us & we take what is given/offered to us! We do not take a step forward than that! What we earn in the process? M.K. is sincere, He is Sober, He always listens to us, He is such a wonderful person? The Elite Label of Sincerity! But it is what you really want? The Label of approval or the Self-Expression? 

Now, let’s take a look at what you Lose? You never express yourself fully & Honestly. You always suppress yourself, like a wet Bomb! You always act inauthentically in order to appear as Sober! You never get what you want but you satisfy yourself with what is offered to you or what is left at the end! So, you end up getting a feeling of not worthy. Your self-esteem & self-respect takes a toll in the process. Most importantly by acting inauthentic, you are hampering that relationship! 

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I ask You – Why can we act natural than What Iff Person? Why can’t we act spontaneous & talk from the Heart than filtering the language to what people want to hear? Why cannot we throw ourselves as Kid and express fully? Its like – I want to do this! I do not like this! I am angry over this! I want this for Me! I want to share my ideas! I want to do this! 

It Doesn’t Matter!

I have to say It doesn’t matter what people think about you or Feel about you or Say about you! it’s their just a mere opinion about you! You got nothing to do with that. .let that be with them, no need to listen & take it seriously. They would say it now & forget it after 15 days, you do not have to carry that baggage, Label, Fear with you over the lifetime. Do not listen to it, do not even think about it! Let it get blown away with the wind!

You do not need to look perfect & sincere! All you must Be a Natural & completely Honest with yourself. Do not betray the person within you. I want you to express yourself fully in the world, that’s when we get to know what is real & what is not? 

Please refer to the Ideology of Ray Bradbury – I feel that’s we should absorb in our lives to be happy & Comfortable life with ourselves, People & Situation around us. 

Image result for ray bradbury fools quote
Source – IZ Quotes.

It’s better to live with the face of the Fool than living with the mask of Sincerity! @ Mahendra Kapady.


– Written by Mahendra Kapady@ 2018, All Rights Reserved.

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