The Only Question That Matters!

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner!

“In order to be something, You have to have the will to do it” @Anonymous.

One of the biggest thing that I have discovered in a very young age is that I don’t know too many things! I came from the humble background, I hardly knew a few things through my parents & my background. I always felt like an underdog, (I don’t know too much sort of person) When I started my College, Career, Passion But instead of seeing that as an obstacle I claimed that stage as an opportunity to learn, grow & some setbacks it as a stepping stone to catapult to success.

As around we see too many people struggling, confused, sitting across sidelines blaming their fortune for the condition because of one question or a misconception, the question for Most of the people is – I don’t know it, it’s not possible for me to do it?

But as I know if you change your Words, The views, situations, people around you change, the world starts appearing different altogether with a different perspective. Your Word Creates a whole new meaning to your life, your Word creates a whole new world for you where everything can be claimed, bring into reality.

First of all, I acknowledged I don’t know too much then I started finding people, situations for the necessary guidance. I started finding steps, Pathways for my smaller Goals.

I used to ask a different Question to myself!

Yes, Right Now I don’t Know this! How can I Do it ? 

See, Its not whether you know it or not, or whether you can do it or not? These questions are totally irrelevant & of less of importance. There is an ultimate question that determines your reach.

It’s actually –Whether you have a will to do it?

This is the question that matters in every situation of our life. We are creatures of mistakes, To Err is human, Every skill is learned & learnable. We are not trained all the time to deal with Personal Problems, challenges, Relationship issues, Financial breakdowns & all sort of mess. In fact, no one is trained or prepared for it, that’s okay! You would fall, fumble, stumble upon something in the process. It, not the matter that how can you avoid it or skip the battle. It’s not even the matter of how fast you win your battle, The matter is how you fight your battle & whether you stand long until you win the battle. Life is all about ups & down. We all have problems, issues, challenges to resolves & mountains to conquer. Life is none other than the Battlefield, where before anyone else you have to defeat your Own weak mindset. You have to conquer your inner field before you conquer the Outer Field.

So, whether you are in the battle or in the land of setbacks, obstacles, the question is – Whether you have a will to do it? We all have  heard “Where there is a Will, There Is A Way.” The saying is absolutely True. Everything is possible with the Willing to Do! 


-Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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