The Problem Of – I.K.I.A.

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“The Dumbest People I Know Are Those Who Know It All.” @ Michael Forbes.

Before 20th-century information was very scarce & it was only in the hands of few, so they were in power. In the 20th century, the information was there but the problem was A little access as there were no appropriate channel & mediums for sharing, so growth was halted by inaccessibility to information. Then in the 21st century, we witnessed something unbelievable –The evolution of the Internet. Everything is available at the click of a button the information, ideas started sharing, spreading through the Air within a snap of fingers. So the Problem is totally different now. We are surrounded by tons of information, and we are bombarded by new information every passing hour. So, we need to understand that it’s not about quantity of information available around you but the quality of it you possess & you employ to your life. It’s not only the right information but timely application that matters the most in order to be successful. In the world of 5G & information technology, you do not have to approach anyone if you want to anything because with the internet you can know it All. Isn’t that beautiful?

Still, there is a problem in this era! Can you guess? I was suffering from this problem from age 19 to 26. Finally, when I underwent some treatment I got cured & I feel perfectly alright now. There is a high possibility that you could be suffering from the same problem! Do you want to know the problem?

The Real problem of today’s world of Pace & information is I Know It All!

Majority of the people we come across today, are under a feeling that I know it All, No need to tell me! In short, they are telling you – “ I am not going to listen to you. I have closed my Eyes, Ears, Brain, senses & blocked my mind from entering something New & Different! Why Should I listen to you Because I Know It All.”

So, I Know It All is – I.K.I.A.

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My Experience with IKIA –

Few years prior I was stuck in a Property issue, My mother was giving me very simple advice about the transfer work but I was not getting anywhere. I was acting that I am listening to her, in fact, I never listened to her for almost 3 years & I was almost stuck, but when she took things in her hand & I genuinely listened to her (because I was helpless) & gave her options a trial, and my work got resolved in less than 3 months. See, the solution was there, people around me were offering the path, help me but I was so blunt that I was not willing to ask & accept the ideas from them. Why? Because I know it All! I used to say within me- “Who are you telling me how to do my things! I am sufficient to solve my own problems! So stay away from me.” Outcome work delayed, countless sleepless nights with stress & Worry.

I realized that despite being non-matriculate, my mother is intellectual & wise Woman than Me. My mother was giving Me advice for long while to resolve the work. She was sharing with me very simple ideas but it was me who was complicating the things & feeling shameful to ask the help. My high education & false ego gave birth to IKIA & I closed my mind. I was acting like I am listening but In reality, I wasn’t. All her advice, help was falling on deaf ears & closed mindset, I was ignoring everything & thinking only through my own way, why? because I know it all but one day when I really listened, I did some introspection & I really found the way, I said to myself  – How fool I am that I was ignoring her advice for so long because of my false ego. The solution was there but my eyes were closed.

What We Do – We act like we are listening, actually inside our mind A program is running – it says “I know It All. Why you are telling me this?” Wait! When you finish, I would talk! Just give me chance, I will show you how much I know. So, it might appear an open conversation from outside but inside there are two strangers who are talking to themselves & fighting with the ideas of another being! At the end of a conversation, for formality, they nod to each other, shake hands, say thank you for the contribution but in reality, no real information or values are exchanged! Why because both (or one of them) is suffering from IKIA. I do agree that Maybe you know something but do you know it the right way? What about a New View?

I Have seen that when people are into the conversation, they do not listen to other people, they just act like they are listening, actually inside they are judging that person & analyzing how He/She is wrong & my ideas are correct! The thing that missing is open Mind because IKIA is at the root. Don’t be the fool like me, Get Smart, Right Here, Right Now!

How We Are Nurturing IKIA – When it was the last time you did some internal investment? Do you have a Mentor? Who is your life Advisor other than party friends or Social media? When it was the last time you took counseling? What drives your life? Your Bills or your Passion? Once we passed from the college we do not feel it’s necessary to Audit our self, revive our philosophy towards life, read a book, attend a training program or invest in our brain, mental & spiritual health. We feel that yeah I know it all & how to do it, I would do it one day & one day never arrives!

We are surrounded by so much information, so with the glitter of wisdom we possess, we are not willing to accept the new view that is needed for life in a misconception because I Know It All!

Can you connect with what I have to say? If you have problems, Dreams, something you are struggling with! Look around see your friends, Parents, wife, Boss, colleague, A senior, A neighbor, A teacher or a stranger is giving some valuable piece of advice, are you listening to them? Not for sake of listening or out of respect but are you genuinely listening to them? I do understand we all have problems & we are seeking the solutions to it! Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is shut your brain for a while listen to some genuine people around you!

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It’s Okay If You Don’t Know!

If you don’t know anything, its okay! Be Honest! Acknowledge it & seek the Help! People would love to help if you are honest! partial knowledge is a dangerous thing than no knowledge! Why? Because you are assuming too many things! 

In life, it’s not necessary to Know it All. I.K.I.A. can Be Fatal!  It’s like you have put blinders on your eyes & you are not willing to look any other way than your own way! If it’s working for you great! Go on! but if You are not doing well, you might have to retrieve yourself from the state of I.K.I.A. & look around for New View! 

Trust Me! From the last 3-4 years, the best things have happened in my life when I kept the IKIA Attitude aside & genuinely listened to people! I really thank them & God who made me realize the Problem of IKIA!


– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.




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