Nothing Happens Until You Declare!

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“If You Want Something In Your Life First Declare & Then Do It.”

Today’s discussion is bit challenging, straightforward & Courageous. Actually it took me a while to absorb this philosophy & write this post. I am sure it would create a difference in your life read till the end.

In our life we have two approaches to live the life of dreams, to reach the Peak. First is – You Do It & Declare When You Reach on top Else You First Declare & Then Do It! The first one is very usual that almost 99.9 % people follow. That’s how the most of things happen in the world. But the second approach is a mad approach in life – Too many people would call is show-off, Overconfident, Out of mind, eccentric, Unnecessary or foolish approach. You know what – that’s absolutely true! Still, I support it! Why? Because Declaration needs courage! And nothing great in life accomplished without Courage!

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Today we are going to explore the Power of Declaration because I strongly believe nothing great happens in life without Declaration!

The great battles of History were not won by advanced weapons, powerful forces, massive artillery or number of soldiers, they were conquered by the power of Will, An Act of Courage. All Heroic acts were considered as foolishness before the triumph. Every act of courage was considered as foolishness & it’s still considered as Foolishness because it’s a way beyond the mediocre thinking. People have become so addict to safety, Comfort that any approach deflected away from the usual is considered as foolishness to them. I do agree that it’s a foolish approach, why to do so? But flip the pages of history the people who have created a difference always did this way! They were always termed as Fools before they were respected as Legends!

The People Who declared & did it!

In the year 1893, A 25-year-old law graduate student was kicked/thrown out of the train in South Africa! He declared “The way you did to me, I would kick you/Britishers out of my country.”  We all knew Mohandas K. Gandhi was one man movement, considered as a fool by British Government but his sacrifice & heroic act led to the independence of our country in 1947 & we remember him as Mahatma Gandhi!

In 1960, John F. Kennedy declared that Man would be on the Moon in the coming decade. The existing NASA director said that’s impossible, we do not have that advanced technology right now, we can’t do it! JFK said I have declared it, now do it! Within 10 years, in 1969 Apollo 13 landed on Moon. Neil Armstrong became the first Man stepping on the Moon! Who made it possible, NASA? Maybe but it’s definitely The JFK who deserves the praise for his declaration!

Thomas Edison did invent the light bulb & registered 1093 patents on his name. How he did it? He used to call for Press conference & declare it to the Press to publish the date of his new invention despite there was no guarantee or scope of success. Once declared, He used to work day & night to produce that invention before the due date.

Alexander Graham bell declared that he would invent a Telephone. Then he locked himself & his partner in a Room until they invented the telephone.

In 2004, Michel Phelps won 6 Gold & 2 Silver medals. Someone whispered can he break the record of Mark Spitz record of 7 Gold Medals? He declared “I would do it!” He declared that he would win all 8 gold medals 2008 Beijing Olympics. The whole world, his competitors made fun of him, said it’s not possible! What He thinks about himself? Is He fool? He started working hard on his declaration & a year prior Olympics he broke his wrist, doctors said you can’t swim now! He said I can’t take your opinion. Despite difficulties, He still stood to his declaration & did immense practice with his legs & 1hand for about 1 year. Despite all speculations & criticism He participated in 2008 Olympics & rest we know is History.

Warren Buffet declared – if I wouldn’t get a Rich person by age 30, I would jump from the top of the tallest building of New York. He made a declaration & lived his life accordingly. A few years later, He wasn’t the richest in America but the richest person in the world!

Exclude the Ordinary Approach – In our life, we all follow the Ordinary approach i.e. We all think to play safe, look sober & not to make fun of ourselves in society. All feel that we should prepare, get ready before we qualify for our dreams. So, we don’t declare, we keep it to ourselves. Even this was my belief! That I should not be showing off about my audacious goals, I Should not be unnecessarily bragging & shouting about my goals. So, we prepare for something & then we do it, then we let know the world! It’s a usual way & there is no excitement in it.

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The Extraordinary Approach! 

But what about the Unusual Way, the rarest approach of the few mad people. These mad people – First Commit to Something Gigantic & Then do it! That’s what separates them from ordinary & make extraordinary!

When You Declare! – Most of us must be having a question why to declare? See, you got to declare yourself, that makes you powerful. Because the declaration demands immediate action. It puts pressure on You & Put you under a tremendous risk but that’s the only way to grow in life.


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I ask you, why don’t we declare? Why don’t you declare? it’s not any because we do not like showing off. Actually, we do not declare because of the fear that we might get fail, we actually do not want to be actually accountable! We do not wish to be Responsible. We all are wishful about our Goals but not genuinely serious about them. The declaration is not bragging its Honest commitment to the actions to a realization of your Dreams.

The very act declaration puts you under immense pressure, your whole name, your whole energy & everything is put on a stake! You have no other alternative than to throw yourself in. You throw yourself fully into it without any If & But. There are No reasons, No excuses, People are waiting for you to fail so they would fun of you! Now, No one would listen to it, and No one would entertain it. That’s when the magic happens & you do something extraordinary & challenging! Even if you can’t make it, pick yourself up & keep fighting until you make it!

Declaration Propels You into Massive Action. Nothing noteworthy happens without action, and it’s the declaration that puts you under immense pressure to take immediate actions! Continuous Actions! Massive Actions! Declaration cuts all the way to retrieve! You have only one option either you win or you die! There is no other way around. You succeed faster when there is no turning back!

Stand For Your Dreams!

The declaration is about owning up your life, it’s about taking responsibility for your dreams. When you declare you take a stand for your Dreams, the life you want to live! I strongly believe that History gets written only when someone like You, Me takes a stand! Declaration makes you uncomfortable, which gives you immense power. Declaration makes you unreasonable & then you take some unreasonable actions. You succeed only when you refuse to get unreasonable.

“When You Say I Would Do It – You May Or You May Not But When You Declare – You Have To Do It.”

Trust Me- Take Road less traveled- Declare First Then Do It!


– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2018 (concept inspired through Landmark Training), All Rights Reserved.

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