What’s Stopping You?

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“If There Is No Enemy Within The Enemy Outside Can Do Us No Harm!” – African Proverb.

I love to communicate with people who are far younger than Me. Once in a while, when time permits – I love to spend time with kids, teenagers because it keeps the child within me awake & I do understand how this new generation thinks about life & How can I learn something from them about expression, the joy of living, technology & current advancements etc. These Guys are fast, Very fast just like me but at the same time they are sensitive, so they need to be handled with care. Few days prior, I was doing some discussion with my group of friends, some young mates, they were looking for a way Out from there situation. I did find them freaked out & into the emotional mess. I asked one of them – He said I feel like I am stuck! So, in the discussion, I ask them, what’s stopping you? I got diverse answers. Even though I got to know that whatever they are thinking about is baseless, still I did listen to them patiently. Why? Because I used to give the same answers when people in the past asked me the same questions- what’s stopping you? So, I did this discussion with my colleagues & same old friends. To my surprise, I got the same answers.

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Some answers I discovered from the discussion are –

  1. My Parents.
  2. My financial condition.
  3. My Family Responsibilities.
  4. My Relations (My brother, my sister, my girlfriend, my wife)
  5. My Field of work, My colleagues, My Boss, My Company policy.
  6. My friends, My Neighbor, My Locality.
  7. My Physical condition, My Health, well-being.
  8. My Situation.
  9. My circumstances.
  10. Economy, Competition & Market condition.

And many more but they fall somewhere into the above categories. That’s why I call them the whopping 10 for people. But there was one thing was missing from the list, which should be on the top! The Word Me! Myself!

You are 100% Right – See, I do understand we all have problems, issues. The issues mentioned by you are not excuses all the time, they are your part of the concern. See, you are absolutely right about the comments you have made as per your existing situations but they are all reasons. You know the best thing about reasons that might astonish you! Your reasons are 100% right the way you said it, I do agree that they could be bothering you by some extent in your growth.

Still, the fact is – In your life you are dealing with these 10 or more issues but by keeping on talking about them, blaming them does not help you to move forward in life at all. You can’t even move by 1 inch if you keep bragging about them.

I do agree everyone’s life is different. Your life is different than mine & your problems, situations are totally different, could be deeper than me. Still, I have to say something to you. All the reasons said by you are total nonsense, they are just fantasies of your mind, there is a bigger enemy who is stopping you but you are not even least bothered to work on it.

I must say these 10 are not the actual things, there is one major reason that’s stopping you! You would be definitely astonished when it would get revealed to you!

The Prime reason that’s stopping you is – “You.”

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Yes! You are Stopping Yourself! It’s not just You but the Cumulative You! Because You are not just You! You are the product of the multiple attributes that make a You! You are not just physical you! You, the Big are the cumulative product of Physical You, Mental You, Intellectual You, spiritual You! As a Human being, You are the combination all these You’s! These small You’s influence you, control your brain, control your mind, they Control your emotions & control your actions!

You know I mentioned about the one thing that was missing from the list, which should be on the top! It’s nothing but The Word Me! Myself! The standpoint of the discussion is No-body is stopping you But You & Your perspective! The way you are looking at the situations. If you are looking at your problem as they are bigger than you, they would crush you! But if you look at them as just smaller hurdles, like they are smaller than you, you would definitely crush them easily & accede in your life! No one can stop you But You!

If you want to accede & run faster in life all you have to do is stop getting in between you! You are coming in between you! You are your own obstacle! Your thinking, attitude towards situations make them. Your language creates the world around you. It’s up to you whether to make these things as impossible, difficult or you want to take them as small, simple but challenging.

I demand from you – Step away from yourself & Create a Path for New You!

– 1Beginner!

– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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