Slow-Start Is Better Than No-Start!

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner!

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Today, I have news for You Guys. Before that, I would like to acknowledge all of you for your love, Support & affection since last 6-7 months. Its been just a while We have started. So, I would like to share the news about which I am very ecstatic about.

We have reached our first milestone a day prior –

1Beginner now has –

  1. 101 Subscribers on Blog.
  2. 102 Followers on the Facebook page.
  3. 6000+ Visits.
  4. 2600 Visitors.
  5. Posts Published- 187. (Unique Posts – 150+)

It’s a Slow Start 

I feel pretty Great after reaching this stage, This is one of the initial climbs of my journey. Some of you might be thinking, these numbers are just mere figures, It’s not big deal. You are going to slow. People have achieved far more in 6 months than You. It’s Such a slow start!

I do agree to the people who think this way. To be very honest I was never & maybe still not driven by the numbers that appear in the corner of my website. (still, I wish to raise that number & reach more & more open-minded people whose ideas, views can take me to next level, who can help me expand as the better human being, Writer, Philosopher & idealist in the journey of life.) In fact, I am not at sharing this post to show how hopping or mere these figures are – I am sharing this post with a reason.

I am sharing this because I feel very proud about that I have Started. I showed courage that I came our of Doubt, Fear & uncertainty to come into action mode than relaxing into thinking mode. I am proud of my starting, let it be Slow Start! which seems to be the biggest deal for most of us. I wasted my first 2 years just thinking about & perfecting the product, idea in my mind, which paralyzed me with fear of failure. I was always right here- Right now person in my teen-days but as I started growing in my career & life, I started living my life with love of perfection, so thinking a lot, lot & lot before doing anything in life. And I am sure most of us must be stuck in your mind-room perfecting your work, working, re-working & refinishing your ideas and ironically producing nothing in real life.

What’s the Problem? It’s not Talent, Resources, Time, Money. Its the Fear of Slow Start, unwillingness to initiate the walk in a vague hope to run faster. Its unwillingness to have a slow start that’s the hindrance. It is the fascination of Rocket start. But I ask you a question How can you run faster if you do not even start? You got to embrace the slow start today in-order to walk faster tomorrow.

Mark Twain said- “The Secret of Getting Ahead is getting started.” I feel great that I started. It doesn’t matter if its a Slow Start. I have a long way to go & I am sure I am going to do it. Why? Because I am a marathon Runner, not a Sprinter!

The Profound message I want to share today is – Slow Start Is Better Than No Start! Guys, Your passion, Business & dreams are yours, most of the times you do not have a readily crafted way in front of you. You have to design it on your own before you walk on it. So, it’s better to go slow than getting stuck at the same point. We all know the lines of Martin Luther King Jr. “By all means, we need to keep moving forward.”

I strongly believe to walk forward irrespective of its pace. Forwards is the only way forwards. Retrieving or getting stuck might be feeling safe or alluring option, but its the definite pathway for regret & guilt. It safe for a while but its painful for your dreams. You cannot be safe & successful at the same time. Prefer a slow start today than a rocket start a day after tomorrow or in next month. There is no tomorrow, it’s not guaranteed. Today is the most favourable time for your growth & to take action. 

Just refer to the words of Martin Luther king Jr. who clearly states the importance of moving forward in your capacity(in the pursuit of growth) than getting stuck in one place.

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Take action Right-here, Right-Now. Its okay if you are slow until you prefer to get stuck!

Trust Me – Slow Start Is Better Than No Start! 


– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “Slow-Start Is Better Than No-Start!

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  1. hi,
    Good caption, I agree with it! That’s how finally I started my blog. Instead of worrying too much about the consequence and results, it is better to get started.


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