Be A Person Of No Excuses!

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Today, I am getting straight to the fact! It is a continuation with a post that I had written yesterday.

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Making Excuses Is The Deadly Habit! @ Mahendra Kapady.

Today I am going to attack this deadly Habit.

The Man of Excuses – (Old Me)

For over 3 years I was reaching late to my office, every day for about 25-35 mins. I always had a reason. The trains, the rush, the Transportation, the Health, the distance & many more. My boss listened to me for about 3 years. He did not punish me or insulted me, so I was very happy at that point that how considerate he is but what really happened in the process? I became Lazy, un-disciplined & worthless. I was continuing this until my new boss Mr. Santosh Murudkar gave me the ultimatum – either you report on time or you stay home. I was praising my old boss & hating the new one. I had no other choice than to reach office in time. So, all my excuses vanished. He made me punctual & particular about reporting time. After a while when I realized the importance of Time, Punctuality & Discipline I thanked him from bottom of my heart & sent him thank you letter.

In the year 2014, When I took a decision to make a shift in life, I decided to give away all my excuses & my life took almost a different turn. I decide either I would do it or face the insult or consequences but I would not give any excuses! For about 5 years I was defending myself behind my problems, money, health issues etc. so, I was living the life of sympathy but later when I decided to expose myself & face the situations, I started feeling a sense of worth.

I wanted to see the transformation in my life – so, I decided to squeeze my excuses & to get brutally honest with myself. I feel that was one of the legendary decision of my life which made me proud about myself & gave me a sense of the extraordinary person.

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Why Do We Make Excuses?

We make excuses to save ourselves. To get away from punishment, to save our face or to save ourselves from insult. Does it help? Yeah, it does. You do it for the first time & then what? You use this for the next time as escape reason. Slowly-slowly you start using this as the trump card to sneak away from situation, responsibilities. Repeated for a couple of times it becomes a habit. The habit spread into your life & become the way of living which becomes your attitude over a period of years, after a while it makes your character. Your character designs your destiny!  Remember, your growth in life is in direct proportion with your character & attitude towards life. Your character, your attitude is your ultimate identity. If making excuses is your identity then the scope of you getting successful is very narrow. Because your habits overtake your life, they override your Talent, your so-called gifts. In-fact your quality of habits either scale up your natural-assets or derogate them to zero.

You can either make excuses or progress, you cannot have both of them together!

The excuse is a quality of people who will do nothing noteworthy in their life. The excuse is an identity of failure. We all give excuses if nothing happens as being desired, as expected. People feel it’s a good escape plan. Few people give excuses all the time. Few people just love to give excuses. They Start Preparing Reasons (Excuses) that why this target cannot be achieved even before they make an attempt or try to reach for that target.

Giving an excuse for one day for reaching late to office, couldn’t  submit report in time, failing to meet timelines, not keeping promise with family doesn’t look that that bad but if you behave in the same way, day by day, week by week, so month by month, it becomes disease from which it’s very difficult to escape.

Yes, it’s very difficult to cure the excuse disease, it’s an Attitude disease. Finally, you set an identity of “Person of Excuses”.

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I have read somewhere “You can get sympathy when you give excuses but not the respect”. I am 1000% agree to that.

When you follow the path/life of excuses it will lead only towards Failure. If you wish to reach towards success, you will take the diversion from the comfortable path of Excuses.

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Don’t give excuses, just hit the problem hard, give it a go, try a different approach, every problem comes with a diverse solution. All you need is to look at them from different angles.

Excuses Will Never help you Grow. Attempts, Failed Attempts And Diverse Attempts Will Definitely Make You Grow! If you want to master your life, you got to get brutally honest with yourself!  You got to expose yourself by facing the truth & start getting accountable for your life. The good, bad or the average. You got to start confronting your in-action, laziness, mistakes, failures! Exposing yourself to the burning sun is always much much better than living under the shadow of Excuses, which would cripple your dreams without the Heat. Do not let excuses dominate the quality of your life.

Make An Effort Not An Excuse.” The Only Way To Get Successful faster Is To Strangle Your Excuses! Resolve Today – Be A Person Of No Excuses!

– 1Beginner!

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–  Written by Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

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