In The Need Of Motivation – Part 2.

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“It’s Not Important To Get Motivated Rather Stay Motivated.” @ Mahendra Kapady.

 From Why to How?

Continuing from the previous post- I hope you must have received a bit of an idea of how to get motivated in the right way! You must have understood why it’s important to get motivated in the right way, now we would discuss how!

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Part 2 – I don’t Need Motivation!


 We Must Remain Motivated All The Time?

Too many people ask Me- How to be motivated All the time? Do you have that question? Okay, go on with the article.

Some people feel that we should be motivated all the time! I have heard a few people saying I have attended that 3-day motivational seminar but the effect didn’t last for more than 10-15 days. I am feeling the same as I was before. The speaker was not that good. Too many people insist that we must remain motivated all the time. They ask me – How to stay motivated all the time? For that, I really do not have an answer! Honestly, I feel you cannot remain motivated all the time. You can be high, enthusiastic, fresh, calm for a few days but motivated all the time? I doubt! To be very honest, you can’t! Why? Because real life is all about uncertainties, where challenges, problems, issues, disappointments are bound to happen. Living a good life is like walking on the wire. Something worthy in life is always walking uphill & you cannot feel damn positive, smiling, and happy all the time. I ask you do you too much happy & motivated when you are out of breath while climbing uphill. It may give rise to feeling low, exhausted, a bit of hopelessness for a while and that’s completely natural. You have to experience those feelings. Which make you human! You cannot be on the cloud-9 all the time.

 Motivation Is Trump Card?

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 Motivation was very scarce in past, so it was valuable. Nowadays it’s available everywhere so it has become like just another things, it’s a sort of entertainment. So, It has lost its value. It has become like a drug to people!

Majority of the people prefer to use motivation as a skip-way. Whenever they are feeling, fear, uncertainty or probable scope of failure they take the support of motivation & try to change the (natural) feeling to feel positive by suppressing the existing emotions. What really happens? It helps like a drug for a while but it fades away outside at same pace the way you brought in. Motivation is not a short-cut, a key or a solution to avoid mistakes, failures. It’s not a balm to get rid of the feeling of negativity or uncertainty of situations. First of all, we need to understand why you think all the things said above are bad?

I strongly believe it’s not important to get motivated but the most important is to stay motivated because Success is not a one day job, it’s a process which takes years, a decade or even 2-3 decades, so it’s very important to stay motivated for such a long period of time. The external source can help you get motivated but only you can help yourself to stay Motivated. So, stop using motivation as a Trump Card! Do not use it as a trump card to defeat the genuine emotions that occur in the process.

External motivation can act as a trump card but internal motivation acts support system!@ MK.

So, What I really mean to say through this post, I don’t need external Motivation all the time. Its need of time to Get & Stay Self-Motivated!

It’s Completely Alright –

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Living a Good Life is a bit of a tedious job, but living a great life is a highly skilled job! You cannot be happy, motivated for all the time by seeing one motivational movie or attending a 5-day motivation seminar/training. Life is cyclic! You would be feeling high one day low some other day. You can be feeling extremely enthusiastic, whereas weak some other day of the week. You can feel extremely confident for a week but clueless for the next few days. One fine day you can be feeling enthusiastic, jumping & bouncing some day and feeling Calm, unenthusiastic some other day.

I am just 29 years old. In a short span of life, I have experienced almost all the high & low emotions/feeling of life. I thank god for that. While I was 25, I experienced only high feeling in my life but after that, I experienced some negative emotions, low moments of my life. I remained calm for a few days, I experienced no sense, no clue about my life for some weeks, months of my life and I feel that’s completely natural. We have some brightest of the days & darkest of the nights. We have emotions & restriction that makes us very human. You cannot be Jumping & bouncing all the time. It’s okay to feel low, bit demotivated for a few days but it’s not okay to stay low or de-motivated for a long time. As even these low & tough days of life can test, craft your personality.

I ask you – 

  • Negativity Is Bad?
  • Feeling scared, having Fear about a Situation Is Bad?
  • Making Mistakes, Experiencing Failure Is Bad?
  • Having Doubt, Uncertainty Is Bad?

No, not at all. That’s completely natural. It’s part of life. Negative thoughts come to all, no need to suppress it or resist it. Why? Because whatever you resist persists! Don’t resist it, Face it! Some percent of negative thoughts are necessary to protect us, to alarm us about probable fallacies in near future. Negative thoughts are like birds they come to all of us, that’s okay but you do not have to allow them to make the nest in your head. Let them come & fly like birds.

Understand the equivalent situations –

  1. Positive- Negative.
  2. Brightness- Darkness.
  3. High- Low.
  4. Sweet- Sour.
  5. Strong –Weak.
  6. Success –Failure.
  7. Confident – under-confident.

What do you have to say about the pairs written above? What are they? They are just counterparts. They are just the opposite equivalent of each other. Are they bad? I don’t feel so. I feel they are just emotions. What is darkness? Its absence of the brightness. Darkness is a different entity! It’s up to you how you take it? They are not bad, they are the stage prior to the good, and they are the part of the loop. They are cyclic!

See, the life of legends like Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Kalam, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Toyota & many more- they all faced negativity, fear of failure, lots & lots of catastrophic failures, uncertainties, they made mistakes, they lost their money & closed ones before they become great. They faced extreme challenges before they became great. They did not use motivation as skip-away from the situation. What they had in them different? It’s the discipline to keep walking, they had the perseverance to climb despite difficulties, not knowing the probability of success. The Discipline, Persistence & Will to shine, the determination to reach the goal, the commitment to work kept them self-motivated!

Do you have anything from above? Most people know very little about these qualities? For them, these are just mere words of the dictionary. They just say big things & do nothing. You need to have faster-working hands than the mouth. Nowadays people have a bigger mouth & sloppy hands. It’s your actions that keep you motivated from inside. A guy said to me- you have a good physique, so he asked me – to motivate him to go to the gym in order to have a good physique. That was complete nonsense, I said to him sorry I can’t motivate you. Because in order to have a good physique & fit body doesn’t necessarily need motivation all the time. All you got to do is wake up & hit the gym floor. All you need is discipline & Love for your personality, nothing else. Motivation would fade away in a week but discipline would stay with you for a long while.

You cannot remain Motivated All The Time-

I strongly believe living a great life is like walking on the wire without the stick! You got to learn the balance! You can get motivated to stand on the wire at point A. But the journey from point A to Point B is up to you. Between the two pints you need have focus, commitment, discipline, will to win, determination while fear, uncertainty, pain, disappointment are tangling in between your legs. I am sure you cannot be motivated all the time. You can remain motivated all the time only when you are sitting at the coffee table only thinking good & doing nothing. Real life is about swings, hit & miss, up & downs.

I Don’t Need Motivation Anymore –

My mentor said, “Motivation Is Something That Gets You Started, Discipline Is What Keeps You Going.” These are the most meaningful lines said by Jim Rohn.

Yeah, When I was feeling low. I needed the motivation to come out of the trap of self-pity & Victim Mentality. But in that period I discovered a parody, difficult state of my mind. I was motivated for a while in the morning & I was depressed in the night when I am Alone. It took me a few months to understand the real science behind it.

Despite getting a dose of motivation from outside, I was not really motivated. I was still swinging in the sea of depression! After a while, I got to know- The motivated personality is not only about the uplifted state of mind but it’s about a healthy state of the human body and a few other parameters. It not about soothing your mind with great thoughts but it’s about involving your Mind, Body, Brain & Spirit! It’s a combination of all 4. The one things that bind them all is Discipline!

Jim Rohn said, “Discipline is the bridge between Goals & Accomplishment.”

 Discipline Breeds Motivation! Action, Massive action leads to a movement that elevates your confidence, the confidence in you elevates your self-esteem, which breeds the self-Motivation!

Image result for jim rohn quote of discipline

I suggest all of you take the right dose of motivation, else it would become a drug & you would be addicted to this Drug.

You don’t need motivation all the time!

But what you really need is The Discipline & commitment to greatness! *** With that the motivation will follow. The Self- Motivation. Discipline & commitment to a worthy cause are the two vital factors which can keep you self-motivated despite anything, any situation.

**** – All the Time.

 The Ultimate Philosophy Motive-Action!

Discipline Is The Magic Pill, Which Tastes Bitter But Gives You A Life You Aspire! @MK

You don’t need motivation. You need your motive in Action! You need to have the discipline & commitment to a bigger cause. A motivated person cannot be disciplined but a disciplined person is always motivated. Motivation is nothing but the elevated thoughts, thoughts can ignite you but they need to support by action in order to have accomplishment.

So, it’s not just a spurrey of thoughts but a bunch of action that is more important. We all have thoughts, they are nothing but garbage lying in dump yard until they create some sort of output in our life, which is possible only & only through Action.

The Golden Formula for garnering success is in my view is-

Self-Motivation + Discipline + Action = Accomplishment.

Thoughts (Motivation) is the initial stage then Action with Discipline is the major stage before the achievement of the desired result.

We all need to find out why? Why is the reason for our beginning that can be Motivation? As soon as we know our Why, we get excited. But only knowing why is not important, you got to work on how? How can be known, understood, learned only by taking action. The how can be resolved by the discipline of Action. You got to have discipline in order to achieve what you really want in life.

 I Believe – You Don’t Need Motivation, All You Need Is Your Motive In Action!

– 1Beginner!

– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved,

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