Why Do We F***? The 25 Reasons!

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I have 2 questions for you

  1. What Do you mean by Failing?
  2. What Do you mean by Failure?
  3. I ask you what is the difference? Let’s read the post, I am sure you would get the difference by the end of the post.

Yesterday, I was reading a book from the Indian Author S. Hundiwala, in which I came across an interesting viewpoint, which really forced me to think, introspect. Since the book is in the Hindi language, I thought it would be good for readers, so I decided to share on the blog. I would be very precise if you find that interesting I recommend you to read his book.

22 Reasons/Facts Why Do We Fail?

  1. Lack of Goals & Motive in Life.
  2. Lack of Preparation.
  3. Lack of Information!
  4. Lack Of Determination.
  5. Lack Of Persistence.
  6. Getting satisfied with Small Wins.
  7. Overlooking your faults & limitations
  8. Lack Of Self-Confidence.
  9. Lack of Positive Thinking/ Negative Thinking
  10. Lack Of Self-Esteem.
  11. Overestimating yourself!
  12. Looking For Short-cuts!
  13. Lack of Vision for identifying the Opportunities.
  14. Procrastination.
  15. Lack Of Decision Making & instant Application.
  16. Lack Of Integrity & Commitment
  17. Inability To Take Risks!
  18. Fear of Failure! Fear of Success.
  19. Association With Negative/Pessimistic People.
  20. Lack Of Enthusiasm!
  21. Lack Of Will To Take Actions!
  22. Relying On Luck!
  23. Lack of Fighting Spirit!
  24. High Ambitions! Weak Roots!
  25. Attitude Of Giving Up!

So, I recommend that take inventory of your attitude & your life & understand the flaws you have in you. I don’t have to show it to you, neither your parents, loved ones or friends have to point out them to you. You have to get honest. You have to get brutally honest with yourself while accessing yourself. After reading this. When I did some introspection, I got to know there are about 5-6 points are somewhere in my attitude, in my personality or in the belief system, So I got to work on it. I feel its completely okay to accept your fallacies or to acknowledge your weakness, that how you can you can open a spectrum of your untapped potential  & work on yourself.

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Mistakes/Failing Is A Matter Of Perspective!

We all make mistakes. I am sure you must have made some mistakes (or you could make few) in some junction of your life. Even the highly successful & people who termed as great also made some mistake, in fact not some but many, repetitively, even catastrophic ones. People like Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, A. G. Bell, Henry Ford, Ratan Tata, Elon Musk, Steve job did make mistakes, they failed in some juncture of their life but they never termed as a failure in their life! Why? Because there is a difference in failing & Failure! It’s how to see the Failing & yourself in that scenario. The mistakes/failing can be a mishit or a shot that didn’t go on target, we should not have disregard for it, or we should feel guilty or regretful about it. Its a matter of your Attitude, Perspective & Personality in that Juncture of your life which can make you a Fighter or Traitor.

You Cannot Fail By Trying! You Surely Fail By Quitting! @Mahendra Kapady.

I have to say, it’s okay to fail once, twice or many times by the time you are on your target, on your Goal. Failings are just abortive attempts, mis-hits, hit & misses. they do not matter by the time you on track. You actually fail only when you Quit, that’s when you get termed as Failure.

You cannot be a Failure if you refuse to see yourself as a Failure. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances or people, society has to say about you. Maybe they are not like you, you are a bit offbeat or much different. Extraordinary people are always termed as eccentric before they get praised as exceptional/ It’s just their opinion, do not make it as a judgement. Keep Walking!


Written & Published by Mahendra Kapady@2019. All Rights Reserved.

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