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No One Can Offer You The Great Life, You Got To Create It! @ Mahendra Kapady.


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Let me ask you a difficult question – Do You Want A Good Life? You would say is that a difficult question? Of course, I want a great life! Let me give you a new view, the life you are living right now is already a good life, that is what makes you comfortable, else you could have been struggling now. So, if you are not struggling/doing hustle to change the conditions you have right now, then, of course, you have a good life as you are comfortable with it.

Let me reevaluate the question- Do You Want a Great Life? The question this time is entirely different (as if anything associated with Greatness involves gravity of understanding!) Too many people wish to say yes but they would say I want a great life but how it’s possible? I am just an average person! Let me share something with you – It’s Okay To Be Average & Expect A Great Life! We have examples of thousands of people who started from Average & reached the mountain heights! It’s Okay To Be Ordinary And Expect Extraordinary Life! You can have the feeling of being extraordinary & the greater version of your life if you are willing to burn & sacrifice yourself. Don’t worry! You don’t have to burn anything physically! You have to burn something unnecessary in you & sacrifice the luxury of being lazy. All you have to do is throw yourself in the process of life excellence & continuous self-evolution.

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First of all, I need you to understand what do you mean by Great life? How it looks? Where it is? Understand it is not the final product or the last stage but it’s the whole lifelong journey seen in panorama mode. Where you see your years passing in front of your eyes & you feeling proud, you might say ” Ohh My Goodness – I really have/had a great life. Or if you see through the wisdom it can be right now! A great life has no relevance with a lot of money, luxury or material acquisitions. It’s about the life of meaning, the significance You have brought to it!

A great life is not a one-day event or the final resolve. A great life a cumulative effect of a bunch of great days aligned on a canvas displaying a deep meaningful picture or events associated one after another which results in creating a glorious experience(like a movie), a triumphant story that would inspire, elevate the generations to come after you.

Can I Have a Great life? Most of you must be thinking can I have a great life? I say of Course you can have a great life! But there is a condition you don’t get a great life by gift or offering! You have to design it! You have to choose it, You have to create it with Awareness & Conscious effort! You can be average, an ordinary human being still you can take control of your life & design a great life. The first thing you need to have a great life is you have to live a life of meaning, for that you need to have a goal that would drive you. For the life of meaning, a long term goal is a major driver. Design A Great Day & Follow It Rigorously No Matter What!

 What you need to design a Great day –

You can design a great day by any way but I would like to state in just a simple sentence the way- In Order To Have A Great Day, You Must Follow A Set Of Rituals/Great Habits With Progressive Realization Towards Your Goal!

So, I would like to share a formula for Greater life –

Great Life = (Great day)^N. *

N = Number of days you are alive.   &    * = No Matter What!

Understand No Matter What – No matter what! Whatever it Takes! You got to stand for yourself, it’s not easy to have a great day every day! That’s why I am saying you would not get a great day but have to create it/design it. Design means you got to work for it, you got to stand for it! Some days you won’t feel motivated enough to follow the rituals, work on your goal, still, you got to bring your shoulders back, gather energy to begin again & work diligently to make the great day out of the time available with you. You got to do what is right than what is easy! A lazy day is an easy day but a great day is a right day which can be a bit difficult choice to take upon! A Great Day Which Would Eventually Lead To A Great Life!

I recommend you to get accountable, not to somebody else but to yourself, get accountable to design a great day.  Create a great day & follow it, rigorously no matter what, in a few days, months & years you would have a very new, damn great life that you would be very proud about!

Trust Me – You Don’t Get A Great Life By Chance You Have To Create It By Deliberate Choice! The Choice Very Few Make! Are You willing to make that choice? If yes! Follow Me & Create A Great Day & Stick to Living A Great day!

You get in life what you choose & what you really settle upon! If you settle upon comfort you would get a comfortable life but if you want to Have a Great Life, You have to wake up & work upon it as the Great People Do! You do not great life by wishing or Hoping for it! You get it by desperately wanting it, By working on it!


– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

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