Respect The Limited!

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Life is difficult, you have to fight in order to live! You must have heard such statements, I am not saying these are incorrect but the view that brings with them is not appropriate, rather I would say its faulty. Observe the impact these statements have made on our lives. So, instead of falling in love with the journey of life we spend the beautiful years in the hassle just to achieve that end state of abundance (which can be hypothetical & useless in case you couldn’t reach there.) 

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Seeking Abundance? 

Are You Seeking Abundance ? & Investing/spending every possible hour of your life to be wealthy! It’s really fabulous, noteworthy to seek abundance still at the same moment we should always respect something which is been given to us in limited quantum! Why? It’s not just a matter of gratitude but something beyond. Its really about Understanding the value of the commodity, not to take it for granted!

What I am talking about?  There are some things which are offered to You, Me /Us in limited quantum. No matter whatever you achieve, whatever you become you cannot acquire them again! They are priceless commodities! Our life goes only forward, you cannot go back reverse. There is no turning back, so we got to respect these limited commodities.

  1. Your Youth!
  2. Your Health!
  3. Your Life!
  4. Your Time!
  5. Your Family!
  6. Your Relations!

I have seen everybody (Even Myself) is in hassle & hurry, fighting with life in order to accomplish the life of prosperity, the state of Abundance. A few days ago, I got hit with the question! What’s the point of living till the end if we did not enjoy the journey!

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Respect Limited? The important thing I want to validate here is – your time, your youth state on this earth is very limited. So, does mine! We are here on this earth for a flicker. I do agree, we want to be somebody & leave our legacy. Still, I want to say – Do not lose yourself in the process while creating an impact on the world & people around you. There is nothing bad in chasing success, shooting the stars but make sure you attain Holistic Success! Make sure you score fair enough in all columns of your life. No matter whatever you become or accomplish in your life, you cannot attain your young days back!

There is no point in buying/possessing  Mercedes at your 60s if you cannot drive it.

What’s the point of having millions of rupees in the Bank if you don’t have the energy to spend it? 

What’s the point in having a bigger mansion if you missed the childhood of your kids & there is nobody to live along with you?

You do not remember the end but you do remember the journey! We have limited days to travel on this earth! So, Why not respect the limited! Make sure you value the limited commodity while you Seek Abundance!

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– 1Beginner!

– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

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