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Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new!@ Albert Einstein!

We are all afraid of making mistakes. Why? We are been tough that way. Hey, Be careful! Think a Lot before you take any action. Don’t make mistakes! but what if I tell you mistakes are necessary & you must do them in order to move ahead.

Everyone wishes to be successful, so what do we do? we Think, Think & Think? In fact, we overthink! Why do we think so much? because we don’t want to make mistakes. People feel proud that they think a lot. In fact, they get a feeling of proud-ness by calling them as expert thinkers. But let me share with you something that most of you may not agree. I strongly feel thinking, over-thinking to avoid mistakes is a trap. Its been already said that “Overthinking Leads To Paralysis.” Maybe its said “Just Do It.” You can never become successful by mere thinking! You become successful only by taking action. And when you take action you make mistakes but they are not bad because mistakes (happened through actions) give you some momentum which eventually leads you to success.

And if you are willing or hoping to be successful without making mistakes then it’s just a mere fantasy. You are either not in the race or you are chasing a very small, obvious target. because if you are chasing something noteworthy it’s not going to be easy, you are bound to make some mistakes. You can be smart/intellectual or well educated. therefore You can definitely work & somehow avoid few mistakes on the way but you cannot completely avoid them. Mistakes are the testing times. You would never go untested on the path to Greatness.

The important part about the mistakes is to study them. But in reality we make mistakes & we regret, whine over it & we miss the important lessons that come hand to hand in the process. It’s necessary to study your mistakes!

Why? because there are some type of mistakes that we must differentiate & work upon.

  1. Foolish mistakes that we must avoid!
  2. Necessary mistakes that we must do!

You might get confused about the second mistake- A necessary mistake. How a mistake can be necessary? Why it’s necessary? In fact, it’s necessary to avoid not to make one!

Necessary mistakes are something that makes you uncomfortable! its like taking the calculated risks to reach the target. For example learning to ride the bicycle, giving a speech in public, confronting with peers, seniors over important thing. These events involve a lot of goof up, uncertainty and the high possibility of making mistakes, still you got to do it ! why? because that’s the only way to get those things done! You either do it or don’t! There is no skip way!

Mistakes stretch You – We all feel that mistakes bother us but very few  look at the perspective that Mistakes Teach Us! we must make the mistakes that stretch us from existing condition to the future self what we want to be! These mistakes do not leave you the same once you do them. They might cost you something- like some money, embarrassment, unnecessary pain, extra hours, a sacrifice of comfort, some time & energy but they are worth doing.

In your life the new ways get open through New Actions & While taking new actions few mistakes are tend to happen. Don’t get discourage, mistakes happen only from those who are willing to do something & it takes courage to make mistakes & stand against the stream! “If you do not do it right now, maybe you would never do it in rest of the life.” Its time to act now!Maybe it’s Now or Never!

Whatever you have to do it, you have to do it right here right now! If it’s mistake it’s worth doing right now, because it might create a new possibility for you!

Misteaks are Proof that you are Trying! @ Anonymous.

–  1Beginner!

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written by Mahendra Kapady@ 2019, All rights reserved.

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