Empty Your Canvas!

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Life Is a Blank Canvas: It’s Never Too Late to Create Your Masterpiece! @Anonymous

Empty Canvas! Nothing But Point Blank!


From the past too many months, I am thinking about restarting my life all again. I strongly believe no matter how much you read or how much you listen, it would not produce any effect until you allow it to carve a space on your mind. If you don’t allow, everything goes to drain after a while. I don’t know but today morning this thought blinked on my mind. Hence, penning it down and sharing with you.

Have you seen an Empty Canvas? When you see it what comes to your mind!

You don’t have to be a Picasso for that, just take inventory of your thoughts.

Sometimes when you are not happy with the picture you are drawing (or you have drawn) what you really do? You think I should have drawn that way, is should have started from there. I made a mistake, I lost my time. There can be many things but the necessary thing is to change the canvas! The decision to change the canvas if you are not happy!


Stop Wasting Your Energy On What Happened! 

The problem with us is we keep on scribbling the same canvas, hoping to see the better or different picture after a while until we find it’s dirty & beyond painting/editing.

So, what to do in such time. Step back. Take rest for a while. Choose the situation! Accept that you are not happy and take responsibility to change the situation!

So, it’s necessary to empty your canvas. Start something new with the Empty canvas!


People say it’s the baddest moment when you don’t have anything. But Understand when you have nothing with you, You are completely free. You can go for anything!
People would laugh at you! People would make fun of you! People may even criticize You! People may underestimate you!  But don’t let them stop You!

Look at the Empty Canvas & Start drawing your life again! This time with new wisdom, with new enthusiasm, with new Vigor choose what do you want! What you really want!


Source – AZ Quotes. (Found Randomly) but thought found worthy to give attention.

Empty canvas gives you two options either you do nothing and keep looking at it or Take the brush and draw whatever you Want! It’s up to You!

Today, I have decided to empty my canvas & draw a new picture for the rest of my life.


– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.


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