About Me!

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner!


In last week, I received few queries that tell me something about yourself! Why 1Beginner? Who is behind 1Beginner! Who are you?

Hi, Hello!

I am Mahendra Kapady.
I Am 1Beginner!
I Am Man behind The Movement & Ideology of 1Beginner!


I am Life Enthusiast, Novice Self-help Writer, Passionate about personality, Philosophy, High Performance & skills-Potential development.

I want this blog & my ideology to reach across at-least 100 million people across the world.

Having said that- I don’t compete with anyone & I would never be, that doesn’t mean I don’t aspire to grow. I love to Grow & I am sure I will. I am damn sure Growth can be achieved without external competition. I love to reach the position or accomplishment of someone but not through the scale of competition but with the standards of excellence & art of Progression. I am not here to compete with anyone because I am not at all fond of competition. I am constantly working on myself in order to compete with previous day version of myself.

I am not A competitor but An Artist who believe in Internal Competition!

Beyond that I am also The CEO & Founder of my Potential development services firm where we serve people with our ideas, breakthrough techniques, new view training, life elevation & high performance coaching.

I have a goal to contribute to the lives of people around us through my philosophy, New view & our services. I am here to Add value to your lives, make you more effective & productive in your personal & professional lives and help you to become a high performer, driven & world class personality.

I strongly believe in myself. It doesn’t matter what people think or say about you if you are walking on the right path with noblest intentions. I am elite New view Thinker and Practitioner, Doer & Follower of my own philosophy. I strongly believe you should preach only what you practice! I want to be an Idealist not hypocrite! And I think I am!

I really wish to serve people through my Ideas, positive Attitude & Noblest intentions. I want to drive them to be elite & evolved human Beings, Responsible individuals.

“I feel that world is really an exciting place to live if you can ignite the excitement within You”.

Join Us! Be with Us!  Together We can!
Never stop Learning! Never Stop Growing! Never Stop Dreaming! Be Alive!

– Mahendra Kapady.
   CEO, Founder

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