We All Fear! & That’s Okay!

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Make Fear Your Associate Not The Enemy! @ Mahendra Kapady.

We all face fear! There are numerous types of fears in our life. Fear can either dominate, control your life or it can be a good chanellizer or associate! It’s up to you whether to live a life driven by the fear of failure or to lead a life conquered over Fear!


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We face numerous fears in our lives-

  1. Fear of Failure!
  2. Fear of Rejection!
  3. Fear of Embarrassment!
  4. Fear of losing the Health, Wealth, Material passions!
  5. Fear of not being appreciated, not being loved!

It can be of many more ways for individual. What I really fear in my life that has made me restless and uncomfortable is Fear of Regret. In the view biggest regret in life Is Unfulfilled Potential. The Regret of not living the life you dreamed. Fear of dying with the creative juices inside and taking it to the graveyard doing nothing worthwhile with your talents.

I Am Fearful –  I had very different view, notion towards Fear in my teenage days. I used to think you got to be fearless in order to win. Only fearless people can win and acquire the success. I am too fearful about everything, I can’t do that. May be I should live a low profile life. I used to feel being fearless is a Gift! And I am not gifted, I ma ordinary Guy born to live ordinary life. But after a while I got to know there is nothing as Being Fearless. In fact being fearless is a stupidity. If you are acting Fearless or saying you are fearless then you are ignoring the reality and posing something different than what you are actually feeling.

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What Makes Difference – Fear is a natural thing! In reality we all experience Fear. The legends and the cowards as well! Then what really makes the difference? The courage! The confidence! What’s that? Courage is the confidence, Courage is the willingness to try, Courage is taking action knowing you might fail for a while in pursuit of your dreams. Courage Is The Will To Act Despite The Fear. The difference between the legends and cowards is they both feel fear but their willingness to win is more dominant than fear of losing or fear of failure! I would say Its You, Your Act makes the difference!

Legends are confident despite there is no certainty of succeeding with naked eyes. They see, believe something that nobody can see, believe. They have the potential to see something unseen and bring it to reality despite traveling through the path of Fear.

Acknowledge Fear – I want to very honest with you – I say I feel a fear, I feel a lot of fear. I do not say like – “I am Fearless, Fear is Imaginary! “ Nope, that’s complete nonsense! Every time I attempt something I get chills by Fear! So, what? I acknowledge – I Say I feel Fear! But I don’t let it override my excitement of the winning & reaching my dreams! I the feel the fear & I Act despite of the Fear! We All Feel fear – But what you do after you feel fear is what makes difference! Whether you Fight or Flight!

See, Fear is going to their whether you are 21,30, 40 or 65. It’s never going to be away. You got to get friendly with him. Make him your Associate not the Enemy!

I want to say a line that I affirm when I feel fear – “I am confident about my win & I am excited with the thrill of the Journey.”

I say we all face fear & that Okay! The will to Act makes all the difference between the legends & cowards! Legends take control of the fear within them whereas cowards let fear take control over them! Take control of fear within you & live the life you Aspire!


– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.







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