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Just a quick sharing.
I had been saying this idea to people around me from last too many days but wasn’t able to frame it in strong words. Today, I think I managed somehow.

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You must have heard people saying –

  • I am weak.
  • I am lazy.
  • I am average.
  • I am hopeless in that field.
  • I am not so good as you.
  • I am not a good speaker.
    (I have heard people saying few statements like these for themselves.)

We say so freaking rubbish, uninspiring & demotivating things about ourselves. Sometimes we becomes so habitual that we say it hundreds of time every day. Like I used to say I don’t have that god memory. I forget this, I forgot that, I Forget names, I forget & I forget so on….. may be around 100 times every day.

I feel We take our words for granted. But we should not! Why?

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Your words have creative Power! Your Words Are The Power! When you speak to them you give them life!

Just from raw form of energy or the wavering imagination you bring them to solid existence when you speak them out of your mouth!
You make them as judgement (about yourself) when you say them to people around you. which is very difficult erase in shorter span if you are not taking conscious efforts.

I strongly believe the whole world is created through our tongue. The ideas, opportunities, career & future solidify outside through what our tounge crystallize repetitively. Our actions are coherent with the words we speak, the language we use to ourselves.

When you say any words, your mind starts operating like a machine!
Your mind tries to connect everything to your body & it attracts the equivalent energy from the universe, so it produces the equivalent actions!
Your words build a bridge between your Emotions and Actions. Your words build a bridge between your inner Emotions and external Actions. poor words blended with poor emotions give rise to poor or no action which result in miserable life. Your word spoken out of  your mouth start affecting you emotions. strong words build strong emotions. Weak, negative words build poor, low emotions. Strong confident words blended with even uplifting emotions produce strong actions crystallize into positive results of some kind. It may be not bigger at that instant ,still it can be smaller but considerate than no results.

weak words create weaker emotions, which produce weaker actions. same way – strong words create strong emotions & strong feeling which urge you to take action.
Your subconscious mind is your slave. So, every time you utter words that are dis-empowering or negative it produces actions, emotions to defend your words.

Real Life Event – I used to say – I have a weak memory. I am not good at remembering names. so, when I was pathetic in everything. I never remembered names of people & faced embarrassment in the meeting with them But when I changed my dialogue with my inner self- like- I have a sharp memory, I remember the names & ideas distinctively. Then, everything really changed , how – my subconscious got into active mode to help me. I started taking cautious efforts to remember names of people.

To my surprise, at one training event during volunteering – I decided to give my memory a go! I Decided to give my memory a trial!
So, I started observing participants badge’s casually during interaction with me, and within 12 hours of the event, I managed to remember almost 80 participants names with their faces.
This was applauded by the forum leader and by the participants as they never saw anyone pulling such task in a 2-day event. It was really surprising to everyone over them & especially to me!

Your Life Moves In the Direction of your words! @ Joel Osteen!

So, Why not say ?

  • I am the Best!
  • I am confident!
  • I am getting better & better every day!
  • I am getting stronger!
  • I am becoming smarter!
  • I am getting disciplined!
    (This is not a vague hope but optimistic approach towards life.)

So, I strongly advise you – Words Are Power!! Watch Your Words!

I would be writing a detailed post on the same idea. stay tuned to the blog.

–  1Beginner!

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– Written by Mahendra Kapady In & As 1Beginner@2019, All rights reserved.

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