We Do Not Want To Fail!

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The Attitude of unwillingness to fail keeps success away from you!
@ Mahendra Kapady.

Everyone wishes to be successful. everyone think a lot to be successful but why people don’t become successful?
The ideology I am sharing can be bit difficult to digest. People do not succeed because they do not want to fail! 

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Are You Trying Enough? Are You trying Different?

You might think – Why to fail? Why its necessary? We do not try some so called difficult things because we do not want to fail? What’s the big problem in that?
In my view – If we are not failing enough, we are not trying enough & we surely may not succeed enough! The whole world has fall into notion not to fail! That’s standard operating procedure –  Make No mistakes! Do not fail! That’s the real problem!

This entire mindset puts into a trap of perfection, where we take only those actions where we feel success is fully guaranteed,else we retrieve stating obstacles and we keep procrastinating till we get better. We hold ourselves back by the time we become sure that we would definitely succeed in that venture!

We get happy and satisfied with the small wins. So, we start playing safe. We start lowering our standards to avoid failure. We do not expose ourselves. we fiddle with same players and same actions.So, the same results. In fear of failure we set low targets. If we do not expose,we do not expand. Failure is inevitable in the process of expansion. If you are not failing enough then you would not be expanding long enough. You got to stretch yourself and get away from the fear of failure. let the bother you but don’t let it stop you!

The Failure – Failure is not a one day event. Failure is not elevating the bar high enough! People do some struggle, they get some sort of success and they get comfortable with that. Staying at same place for a long while is beginning of the Failure. Failure is falling love with mediocre success and settling at same place by lowering your standards. Its okay to fall. Understand the difference between falling and failing. Falling is just falling! Failing is getting stuck when you fall!

Same way – Success is any Endeavor is not a one day event. Success is about daily wins, small little stretch’s from previous day. Moving the ball forward into the unknown territories. Success is a Growth and Expansion phenomenon.
Expansion needs Exposure, Exposure invites few mistakes, you got to be okay with that!

Want to be a good communicator, give yourself some chance, be bold enough to meet the experts, new people, try your hand in battle ground, I am sure you would fail in first few attempts but you would be much better in 3rd or next attempts.

Failure slaps you in public but it force you to think, try and act in different way. It doesn’t allow you to settle. Success is a lousy teacher! It just elevate your self esteem but it doesn’t strengthen you. In order to travel longer all you need strength & endurance over the healthy self-esteem. Want to be a good speaker its not going to happen by siting on sidelines & waiting for your turn. you got to go on the stage, you would fumble often, forget the lines, feel shaky or could be embarrassing at the first time.but that okay, you would get better after a while. You can get better once go through the process of failure but you never become successful by sitting at the sidelines doing nothing. So, stop sitting on the sidelines & jump into the ground. Want the increment, designation of Manager, ask your boss for that responsibility, may be you would fail in first attempt but they would remember you that you have courage & you asked for the role. If you try at any en-devour of your life the scope of failure is 70-90% but if you do not try failure is 100% guaranteed.

Expose Yourself To Some Failure – I feel that we must expose ourselves to some failure, Else ultimate success is not possible. 

Let the Fear of Failure bother you but don’t let it stop you! @ Mahendra Kapady.


– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

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