The World Needs Eccentric People!

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My Life Is My Message! @ Mahatma Gandhi.

We are living on the planet of lot of opportunities, abundance & prosperity. We are living in the best of the era and also We live on a planet with too many issues, problems & challenges that need to be resolved. So, world needs more people. You might say we have already crossed 7 Billion and about to reach 8 billion now. How many more people do we need? I am not expecting millions rather very handful few, may be in few hundreds. I need to say the world needs different people! The world doesn’t need more crowd; all that world needs is different people, the legends! In fact the world needs Eccentric People!

Trust Me! The world needs more different People.

  • The world doesn’t need more People who are Good Thinkers!
  • The world doesn’t need more Expert Advisers!
  • The world doesn’t need more Speakers!
  • The world doesn’t need more Teachers & Lecturer’s!
  • The world doesn’t need more Writers!
  • The world doesn’t need more philosophers!
  • The world doesn’t need people with more information!
  • The world doesn’t need people with more knowledge!

To be specific, world already have such people, they are doing good which suffice the purpose of serving the humanity. world needs people who posses something different addition to these traits.

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Nikola Tesla – The Man From Different League! The Eccentric!

But beyond that world needs something different – The Eccentrics!

World needs people Who Are Example!Living Example! The world needs people who stand as Example.

The world needs eccentric who don’t follow the crowd or group. They choose different path! They take the road less traveled or road which was never taken! They either find the way to success or create the way to Success!

The Eccentrics Are Different! They do not give message, speech or a Lecture! They do not have much of information or hi-fi knowledge!

  • They live what they learn! They model The Extraordinary!
  • They do what they say! They act what they say!
  • They do not listen to Mediocre people! They listen to their inner voice!
  • They don’t say it cannot happen! They ask- How can I make it Happen!?
  • When people say it’s not done by anyone! They say then its kept for Me!
  • When they say I will do it! It’s done! No matter what! They Either Do it or Die!
  • They live by their word! They Act in sync with their mouth!
  • They Do Not Give Their Best! They Do Whatever It Takes!

They Do Not Give The Message, Their Living Life Itself Is the Message!

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Centuries has witnessed thousands of Eccentric people, who were bullied, ridiculed by the world. But they they stood by their word, they kept their dream alive and made it happen and changed the way the people seeing and doing few things. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Bhagat Singh,Steve jobs, Elon Musk, Henry Ford, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Alexander Bell, and many more. The world has become a beautiful place to live thanks to these Eccentric! Thank God they didn’t listen to people around them. We owe a lot to them.

In need of Eccentrics – The standpoint of this discussion is the World Needs some eccentric people who are Doers, Actionners, Fighters & living Legends! The world needs honest people not the hypocrites! The world needs people who are not posing as honest to the people but who are brutally honest with themselves and with others. Before answering to people they answer to their Soul & abide by the morals. They don’t focus on attaining the higher lifestyle but pursue the Life of Moral Excellence!

They don’t Just talk! They Declare! They Act! They produce the results & they inspire!

I Am Eccentric! I Am A Different Person! I feel proud and good about that! I know I don’t have too many people who  like me, support me or Approve Me and that’s okay. I am not lonely but its the preferred choice of Solitude! I would prefer to be right than being liked! I would love to be the part of Eccentric league not part of the crowd!

Everyone wants to be Extraordinary but are you willing to put Extraordinary Efforts! Its very insane to Expect Extraordinary life ordinary rituals & mediocre set of standards. Sometime Being extraordinary needs to be Eccentric!

Are You Different? Are you willing to declare?

Don’t just say, stand by your words. Don’t just say the words! Live Your words! That’s how you live as example, that’s how you become living legend!

That Makes your different Person! Are You willing be Eccentric Person?


– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.


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