Tum Kaha Prem Samaj Paye?

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner.

Today, I am sharing a wonderful poem written by my Philosopher friend, when I listened to it, my Heart got filled with emotions, for a while I couldn’t say anything, I felt mesmerized.

In a glimpse, I came to know what love can be & how we live it by the standards made by society. I understood how love is misconceptulised by us and that’s the reason of our discontent. I immediately got connected to it & I decided to publish it on my blog. I am not sure how many of you would understand it, and I think that feeling doesn’t have a language. His poem is more than just words, its a pure feeling, An artistic heartfelt expression, he poured his emotions in those words, Its an high energy. I am sure it would definitely flow through your hearts and made you think whether do you really love someone or you are into a mutual transaction.

The poem is in Hindi, I am sure you would  like it –


Tum kehte ho “Mein bahot Prem karta hoon”.

Aisa kehkar tumne toh Prem ke Arth Ko hi thukra diya.!

Jab tumne “Mein” kaha Wahi tum Prem ki paribhasha se bhatak Gaye!

“Mein” keh kar tumne toh prem Ko khudse jod liya!

“Mein” keh kar tumne toh Apne swaarth ka parimaan de diya.

Kyunki jo tumse juda hai, tumhari bhawanao se juda hai, usse toh tumhara swaarth kehna hi uchit hoga.

“Mein” keh kar tumne toh Prem Ko hi zuthla diya!

Prem ka swaarth se koi sambandh nahi!

Prem ka tumse koi sambandh nahi!

Prem toh woh hai jo dusro se juda ho!

Prem toh woh hai jo swaarth se pare hai!
Sirf apno se toh Prem karte ho tum. Apne pitaa, Apni maa se, Apne baccha se. Har woh cheez jo tumhari hai, sirf ussi se toh Prem karte ho tum!

Ye kaise Prem huwa ? Ye toh vyaapaar saa Jaan padta hai!
Prem Ko samjhte toh raaste par baithe us garib ke bacche Ko bhi itni se komalta se dekhte jaise Apne bacche Ko dekhte ho!

Prem Ko samjhte toh raaste par lete us kutte ki bhook bhi tumhe utni tivratta se mehsoo hoti, jaise Apne paale huwe kutte ki Hoti hai!

Tum Prem kaha samajhte ho, tum toh vyaapaar me Lage ho!
Bhagwan ko maante ho kyunki kuch chahiye tumhe!
Daan bhi karte ho toh isliye kyunki tumhe daan dekar accha lagta hai!
Tumhe aur tumhare ahankar Ko accha mehsus hota hai, isliye karte ho.
Tumhe us daan Lene wale garib se kaha Moh hai.
Tum toh swaarth ki mauz me jee rahe ho!
Prem Ko tum chhod baithe jab tumhe “Mein” kehkar usse khudse jod liya!
Prem kaha samjhte ho tum?

Prem toh har jagaah hai tumhare aaspas, bus tum mein nahi hai!

Uss ped Ko dekho, uska koi swarth nahi, tumhe phal dene mein!
Phal deta hai, chaaw deta hai, kat kar tumhi Ko kuch de jaata hai Bina kisi matlab ke.!

Uss phool Ko dekho, jo har waqt khushbu bikherta hai, Bina kisi swarth ke. Tum usse bhagwan ke charno me rakho, ya kisiki Arthi par, woh toh phir khushbu deta hai.

Prem toh Kudrat ki har cheez me basa hai, Lekin tumhe dikhai kaha padta hai?
Tum toh swaarth ke anndhkar mein jo jeete ho!
Khud Ko takleef dekar kisi Anjaan Ko kab tumne Khushi di hai?
Khud Ko bhul kar kisi Anjaan ki fikar kab ki hai tumne?
Khud ke swaarth ke pare hokar kab kuch bhi Kiya hai tumhe?
Ek pal bhi zindagi me khud Ko pare rakhkar, niswaarth hokar, jiyaa hota toh bhi prem Ko samajh jaate!

Tum Prem ke astitva ko kaha samjhe ?
Tum Prem Ko kaha jiye???
Tum Prem Ko kaha jiye???


I strongly believe The love is not about Me, its always about We. If its all about Me then its a need, selfish intent but when it becomes We or about the person, being in front of you it becomes an blooming and enlightened experience.

– 1Beginner.

– Written by Anirudh Nayak@2019, Edited & published by Mahendra kapady. All Rights Reserved.

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