The Man On Rent!

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Hey, Whats Up? How you guys are doing? Thank you very much for visiting this post. I value your time, I request you to invest and be with me for next 4-5 mins, which would be definitely worth reading.

I am sure you must be doing good, if not that’ okay. I am sure my new view philosophy can definitely help you in some way. Here We Go—–

Don’t Be The Nice Person Rather A True Person@ Mahendra Kapady.

In last week, while I was having my post dinner walk to brainstorm my mind, I came across a pal in my society who was looking quite agitated. While inquiry he said – I really don’t know how to live the life? Sometimes I do not want to do something and be somewhere but my parents want me to be like someone or be like them. He continued  my family members want me to talk, walk in some way. I really don’t understand whether I should live the way what I want or what do they want? He was quite frustrated; I didn’t pierce much  into detail. I quietly listened to his all story. May be that’s all he really wanted from Me. He wanted someone to listen to him and express his thoughts and release his energy. We talked for a while and he left after that.

I continued walking but my mind started thinking about the whole conversation. If I had seen only his frustration and his reaction, it was just a normal conversation, nothing great as such but I was seeing what’s really happening in his background and I was listening to what he didn’t say. I was reading & finding the message in between the lines. After a bit of introspection, I got to know what he really meant to say (or it can be just my view at looking at the situation)

I strongly feel we do not live the life as ourselves!
Actually we live our whole life like A Man On Rent!
We live like we are into this body/personality on rent while our programming is done by the owner who is a total different person. Our whole actions, communication,expressions are driven by someone’s expectation. The someone can be any one, the person we love, the person we hate, the person that doesn’t even matter to us. The someone can be Good, Bad ,Neutral or the strange member of the society. Our whole life we are walking with the hook at the Neck. The Hook of  “What they will say & think about Me? “The hook that doesn’t allow us to run our own race. We live the life as what society wants Me to be version of Myself.

Do You really love yourself ?

We do not really love ourselves, because we do not approve ourselves. We do not approve ourselves because we do not express ourselves. Why we do not express ourselves because it’s been embossed in our system, its impressed on our minds from childhood – Be Heard but not seen!
Don’t be so expressive, Don’t be so loud. Keep quiet, Don’t ask for anything, Dress like everyone, stop showing off, Act sober like ordinary people, choose this career, pursue this degree. Our parents, well-wishers & society starts planting the seeds of mediocrity since childhood and you know by the time we get adult(which are the best years of our life) getting pass by, doing bare minimum, meeting the average standards becomes our ultimate unspecified goal. The stand point of this conversation is our society wants us to be a Nice Person, not the True Person. They do not want someone who is honest about themselves, they want someone who is just like them.

Image result for Express yourself

I strongly believe- the best way to live life is the life full of Expression!

The best of the ways, i.e. pathways for the great life open when we stop coming in between ourselves and make way for our true Self than living the society’s version of Ourselves!

When you start expressing yourself irrespective of anything, that’s when the joy emerges and happiness starts following you instead you being chasing to it! Happiness is a strange thing, an unresolved mystery, you cannot find it somewhere, you got to create it from within.

Expressing yourself honestly is the best way to find the joy , so to Create the Happiness! @ Mahendra Kapady.

Do What You Want! You want to dance, you want to Act, you want to sing or whether you want to laugh right open, You want something, want to share your opinion, want to make a comment, Want to show your skills, knowledge and art you have in You. Just say it, express it. stop looking for approval. Nobody is going to grant you the approval, you have take it. Its not the matter whether you are right or wrong. Its the matter of courage you have to express it to the world and trust me the world is moved by the people who have/had courage to stand opposite to crowd not in-line with them. Let it be any endeavor of your lie, you must give yourself a Go!

Even if you fail in the endeavor where you find joy, failure doesn’t feel like failure, it feels like an exploration experience!

Life becomes a memorable, thrilling and learning Experience. The more you express, the better and greater you become! That’s the very moment you realize Age is just A number!

You feel rejuvenated, Revitalized and feels like you are just 21! and you would be living like this Forever if You are coherent with You! Don’t live your life like person on Rent, claim your ownership & live thyself!

Stop being a Nice person for The society! Be A True Person To Yourself!
Take the control & express yourself.


– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2019 in & as 1Beginner, All Rights Reserved.

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