The Biggest Lie – IDHT!

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You Don’t Get Any Extra Time, You Have To Create Time **@ Mahendra Kapady. 

(** – If that thing really matters to you. Else carry on.)

I ask you a question – Do You Have Time? Because when I ask this question to the majority of the people they say No! and I feel they are lying. Not to me or someone but to themselves. How? let’s see. Beware it’s a new view article.

Today, I see people are using a common lie. Why do they lie? Because the lie keeps them comfortable. It keeps them away from confrontation from the reality. The another reason people lie is that they do not want to take accountability of their life. They do not consider themselves responsible for the mess they are in! In fact, they are not honest with themselves and they do not want to confront with situations and people even when its necessary. They live their life under the misconception that they are the busiest people on this earth.

So. they keep on using this lie, until it becomes second world in which they prefer to live.


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The Fact Or Fantasy!

The common lie people use which I would be talking about is –
I am Busy! I Don’t Have Time!

It can be true for some people but today I am asking in the different way. I ask you – What if my question is about your health, your well being , your career? How can you afford to make such statement in the very important endeavors of your life? It can be your health, wealth, peace of mind, education, learning, relations and well-being.

The reason I am taking this idea into discussion is not to criticize someone but to make people aware about the fallacy & come out of that illusion of busyness they have built around themselves.

I would like to share A Real Life Incidence. Recently, I met a schoolmate almost after 10-12 years. He was looking quite weak from his face and has lost lot of weight and looking very very tired. For the first moment I couldn’t recognize him, after a while when I recognized him, you know the first thing that came out of my mouth was hey- Are you okay? you look weak! (can you imagine No greetings, No Whereabouts but an improper and pitiful question to begin a conversation with the old mate. after a while I felt quite embarrassed about my reaction) He said I am living. (chal raha hai- living like for sake of it) I asked him, why don’t you do some exercise and do something for your health? He said – Yeah I know , but I don’t have time. I raised my concern about his health and tried to push him to think seriously about his health. He said you are right but I don’t have time! I tried to convince him but he kept of saying- yeah but I don’t have time! After a while I said that okay (best of luck with your life) see you later and I left.

You know what he was really saying throughout the conversation- “ I know it all, No need to teach me. Yeah my health is not in good condition & that okay, I am young, nothing would happen to me, my life is not comfortable like you, it’s easy for you to give me suggestion. I have so many issues. I am so busy. Leave me alone cut the topic.” He was saying everything like this- of course in the background.

When I see people saying such statements, I can apprehend what they have to say in background! I see that people use this statement to defend their apathy, willingness & inaction – “I don’t have time.”  I have seen people struggling in their major areas of their life like health, education, finances, career, family, relations, still doing nothing with the reason of “I Don’t Have Time.”

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Let me ask you a question – “You Don’t Have Time?Really?”

Even I didn’t have time – I started working in year 2009. From year 2009 to 2014, for about 5 years my well-wishers, seniors, my parents were advising me on various en-devours,some of them were meaningful and valuable. To be specific –

  1. Hey, develop new skills. You should enroll for some study course.
  2. Hey, you must study financial management. learn about finance.
  3. Hey, you should meditate, it would help you be calm.
  4. Hey, you should read the books.
  5. Hey, you should pursue masters in technology or MBA.

And you know I had only one answer “I Don’t Have Time.”  So, I paid the price for my busyness resulting in extravagant spending, wasting important years of my life making financial mess, lagging behind the potential, losing my peace of mind and in many another ways. I had time for watching a movie on laptop every day, going to mall 2-3 times a week, roaming around after office time, being with society mates every night for 1-2 hours and I had enough night work with social media and everything. And In year 2014, when I took inventory of my daily habits, I got to know how I am lying to myself. And you know I started from ground zero in year 2014. Wasn’t that a disadvantage, lagging by 5 years?

You know when people say  I Don’t Have Time – they are actually saying- “Yeah, I know it but it’s not my priority now, I would think about it later” (and that later becomes never.)

I wonder how a student can see he don’t have time for practice ? How a employee have no time to learn new skill ? How an aspirant have no time for communicating with experts of his arena?

We all have 24 hours in a day. For a long while I was living under a misconception that I am busy.  The people who say “I don’t have time” are not busy, they think they are busy or acting like they are busy. They are busy being busy. In fact, the people who act busy are the people who are busy for most of their time on the unproductive activities. people who complain about lack of time waste most of their time. If you don’t trust me use time log book, You would understand how busy you are & how much time you are wasting!

Trust me, from next time when you are saying “I Don’t Have Time.” You are either lying to that person or yourself and sabotaging your success in that endeavor.

You cant afford to say I don’t have time if that thing really matters to you!

– 1Beginner!

– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

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