The Commitment To Myself! A letter About Future written in The Past!

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 Your life expands in direct proportion of the commitments that you keep with yourself than those to you keep with others! @ Mahendra Kapady.

This post can sound pretty vague to most of you. This post is mostly Me talking to Myself. Me talking with My future self and its open talk, No Self-Editing, No self-control. I am expressing myself fully. Do you talk with yourself? It takes bit of courage to confront your inner person & express fully.

Today, I am talking & writing like a 8-10 year old kid who talks to the world about his grand plans, ambitions about life (before society taking control over his brain & mind by impressing on him/her that its not possible, Be practical) without any concern what people think about me. Its the straight talk from my heart.

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The Process that Creates a difference!


This post is A letter – About My Future written from My Past! and the commitments I need to keep with myself.

Today, it’s 5th August 2019, It’s exactly 10 years of my service. I am concluding my first career I started as Engineer, Manager & I am quitting my job. I won’t be carrying this label anymore. It’s the date I had decided almost 4 years prior. I had made too many plans for this period, few of them worked out, many of them didn’t, still I am very happy with my progress so far because it’s been an exciting journey and I have evolved a lot as personality over anything else. My life took whole different meaning when I decided to take control of my life in year 2015.

I am quite fearful about the decision when I think what if, what’s next? What if Something goes wrong, what if things do not turn out the way I thought. I say – that’s okay. Its okay to Fail. I am allowing myself to make some mistakes and fail in order to design a new life and create a new future. Let anything happen, I know I am a champion, I would figure it out. I can handle whatever it comes to my way. I would survive well. I may fall, I might fail but I would definitely get stronger for longer run. My will to win is greater than my fear of Failure. I am sure I am going to make it big. I would be away from my job from 3rd November 2019.

The whole intent to quit the job is to gain New Skills & to Start A New Career! Discover Myself and live the life of full expression & A New venture.

By quitting this job, I am putting too many things on stake-

  1. My Comfort & Luxury!
  2. My Guaranteed Paycheck!
  3. My Marriage! (Concern of my parents)

But on the other hand if I won’t quit the job at this period, I would be putting another few aspects on stake –

  1. To Find Meaning of Life & To Live the Life of Purpose!
  2. Exploring My True Self! My Goal of Self-Discovery!
  3. An attempt to Define Myself than getting and staying Defined.!
  4. My Hunger to Learn New Skills!
  5. My Dream of Travelling Across the World & Spreading My Message. Creating The Difference in Lives of People!
  6. An attempt to Face My biggest Fears!
  7. My Will to Become Braver, Risk-Taker! To Fight the Fear & Become Stronger.!
  8. A chance to be Extraordinary! The Man of Contribution, Enthusiasm & Gutfeel!

I am definitely swinging between pans of Risks & Regrets. But when I weight them I feel my Risks weight lighter than my Regrets. I don’t want my Regret to outweigh my Life.

So, from today I am willing to starting a Brand New life.
I am starting new chapter – Mahendra Kapady Ver 2.0.
I am going to be –
The unstoppable, the Unbreakable!
The Extraordinary, the World Class & The Class Apart!
The Man of Courage, Risks & Action!
The man of focus, commitment & sheer will!
The man of My Word! The Man of whatever it takes!

I am taking quite a break to restore, recreate the necessary en-devours of my life.

  1. My Health.
  2. My Finances.
  3. My Mind.
  4. My Skills.
  5. My Spirituality
  6. My Brain, My Memory.

I would be learning various things, Putting them into application before jumping on to something, They are –

  1. Going for A Solo Journey!
  2. Going for A long distance Cycling! To Be An Ultra-Cyclist!
  3. To Run 42 Km Marathon & Become Long Distance Runner!
  4. Reading books about Investing & Taking control about my Finances!
  5. Learn about Real-estate, Investments, trading, Business management!
  6. Speed Reading! Memory strengthening.
  7. Yoga, Meditation & Visualization.
  8. Skills of Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Public Relations.
  9. Studying Philosophy of the legends
  10. Creating a Study Journal of the books I have read.
  11. Studying Human Psychology and Brain, Mind, Cell science for High performance!
  12. Learning New sports – Skating & Martial Arts!

I Know it might sound funny, foolish and unrealistic to many of you and that’s okay. I am going to do t rather than thinking wish I Could have done doesn’t matter what other people think about it but I am going to do whatever it takes to meet those commitments!

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These are few commitments I have given to myself and I am going to stand firm till the end! I am willing to my life & my honor on the line.

I believe Commitment is not just a word but Its an process that demands all of  You! I am willing to go through this process, Are you?

I wrote this letter about 6 months ago but was bit uncertain about sharing with world, but today I feel Its important to declare. That’s the legendary way – They declare first and do It! Keep the world astonished!

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– 1Beginner.

– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

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