The First Transaction!

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner.

I started my journey of book writing & personal development with this post, hence I decided to share with you. Almost 2 years prior, when I had just started Writing long articles not having enough clarity about the writing & blogging but I had tremendous willingness to begin & evolve.

I ask you What is your first transaction of the day especially in the morning? Not financial but personal. Not with external world but with your own world.

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My First Transaction!

Smile is the First transaction of I make before I begin my day! Not with someone but with myself.

Yes! You read it right. Let’s start with a smile! let me ask you a question! Every morning when you wake up, what is the first thing that you do? I am sure in 21st century the answer can be checking Emails, seeing messages on what’s App group or Social media notifications. (may be too many of you are not willing to admit but that’s the way majority of people begin their days) It can be termed not as good morning but a smartphone morning. You know – It may look smart & techsavvy but it’s definitely not a smart choice to begin a day. I have another alternative that I had been doing last 4 years & it created wonders in my life no matter the situation I am going through the Good, Bad or whatever.

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I wake up with a great Smile! It sounds foolish, non-sense & impractical but I have been doing with discipline for almost 4 years now. for those who are asking about practicability of the idea, I would like to share that in year 2016 I was bit stressed over a financial transaction that went wrong, still I continued this ritual with enthusiasm & literally it created a whole lot of difference in building the rest of my day. I wake up, say thank you & go to mirror, give a childish, wild, broad smile. Even if its 4.30 Am, 5 Am or 6.30 Am. Doesn’t matter how previous day was. I wake and Smile with my heart open.

I suggest – Every day when you wake in the Morning, before you do anything else Just go to the Mirror & give a Broad smile, Smile numerous times.

Why? I want you create you mood rather than any message, comment, likes or dislikes disrupt your mood and corrupt you day.

Give your day a magnificent start with a Smile. No matter whatever condition you are in, which side of world you are born, no matter where you belong, any sort of problems you have to resolve, whatever you struggle you have to face in that day but don’t forget to make the first transaction i.e. to start your day with a Smile. It’s not funny or fancy thing, it gives you a boost, a Positive beginning to march towards your day, else the day will march on you.

In other view – it’s feeling of gratitude. You are saying thank you to Universe for the Precious gift it has offered to you i.e. another day in your life. There must be several thousands of people who had slept yesterday with the hope to rise today & do something but somehow they couldn’t, maybe they were not as fortunate as you are. So you are quite lucky that you got another chance. You woke up today. It’s an another chance been offered to you. Do not take this chance, these 24 hours for granted. I consider waking up every morning as an awakening opportunity. Just Smile broadly & make most of it. Utilize the gift of Today to make the most of it, to do something worthy.

Yes and don’t forget this ritual till the time you are Alive! Just before you say good Morning to somebody, Give yourself a best Smile of the Day in the Morning.

The whole world is running behind the 1st free transaction offers, so I recommend why don’t you take a chance on this transaction for a while? Just make this transaction a must ritual for at least a year & I am sure you wouldn’t see the difference but you would create the difference in you! Schedule it & make it a priority!

“Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.” – Yoko Ono!

– 1Beginner!

– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.


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