Is It Your Idea?

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” You can’t Create or own any idea, you may discover or come across it”@ Mahendra Kapady.

Its been said that Thoughts travel and they travel too far. I feel ideas are here, there & everywhere. I strongly believe I am not creator of any idea and no one can be. Its not an arrogance but a plain view. The simple logic is – we are born as zero , we came here as clean slate. No information, no knowledge, No fear, No confusion. We came here like a plain book with thousands pages to be filled. Its the world who impressed its ideas upon us. So, whichever thoughts, ideas, wisdom or Garbage you have with you right now is not yours. You don’t necessarily have to take credit (or blame) to yourself that you invented/originated it or created it. No, No, No!

Today we would talk only about the positive aspect of life. Ideas, thoughts and wisdom is already there. You can definitely say you found it, you came across it or you discovered it. So, whatever thoughts you have right now with you are either impressed by the society. The ones which you allowed to impress upon and the ones you chose one your own to get impressed on you. See, you cannot invent any ideas but you can definitely express that in your own way and that’s perfectly alright. Honestly expressing ideas in your own way is the best way & you can take credit for that. You should take credit for expressing the idea not discovering the idea.

I strongly believe no one can Own/Create an idea – The ideas are lying there for thousands of years. Yeah and a credit should be offered to few people who reach to the idea faster than anyone before. You can be first to discover the idea.

For Example-  Newton was the first to discover the Gravity, not the owner or creator of the Gravity. And I give 1000% respect to his genius mind to discover the legendary idea that changed our life and designed a science across it. That’s the reason the word inventor came into existence not the owner or creator of any idea.

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The Wheel – The greatest ideas of the life are the simplest of the ideas. The whole world is in a notion of how to invent something which is complex and take credibility and badge of wisdom. Do you know what is the greatest idea that changed the world, it wasn’t the complex idea. Its not Rocket or Motor. It was the simplest idea – The Wheel. Nobody takes the credit for inventing the wheel. why? It was already there. someone genius just discovered it and shown the world why it needs to round not square, triangular, oval or hexagonal. The greatest ideas/inventions are the simplest one that goes unnoticed for years and years. People do take credit for designing Cart Wheel, Rubber wheel, iron wheel and many more. So, Basic idea was there and few people modified the same, worked on it meticulously to add value to the lives of people and they did it. So, they took credit for the same, which is fair enough.

Image result for stone Wheel

For Gravity – The Apple was falling since thousands of years. Gravity was there since thousands of years for sure. Newton didn’t create Gravity nor designed the idea of gravity. He came across it, He discovered it. So, He named the process as gravity, if someones could have came across it he must have named it Halocity or Nurocity , Ugivity. Its just the term they used and we have used it so much times that it has become a reference. we added meaning to that word, the word didn’t have any meaning in the beginning.

Image result for apple falling from a tree newton
Why Only He could See It?

Sometimes people ask me, you wrote the idea fabulously. Is it your idea? I really don’t have any clear answer for that because sometimes I don’t know the origin of the the idea. whether It came from within me or it I came across it or I listened from some one or its an inspired one. I say, I expressed it. Whenever I am firm about its origin, I share its credential. if I am not sure, I share as anonymous.

Its been said Immature artist copy great Artists steal! So, sometimes you write or produce something and it resembles with some artist or inventors great work. That’s okay, ideas are no one Monopoly. First of all you need to get completely honest with yourself. Two people can think same way in different time frames and in different context and in extreme regions of the world. You just have to honestly express it. 

I am definitely not stealing or copying any idea but there is definitely a scope of inspiration from the Philosopher, Nature, People & most importantly the experience. I strongly believe life is the biggest teacher and experience is your biggest associate to live life easier.

I write 2000 words everyday and atleast 3-4 ideas every single day. Do I own it or create it? I am not sure (but Whether I have expressed it in my way- of course,I do) May be none of the idea is mine I receive many of them from universe,Nature, people and experience. I am not a creator but I am definitely an Explorer, A synthesizer and A New View Thinker and The genuine Philosopher. I don’t want to be the owner rather I want to be good expressor, Artist who express his ideas very lucidly & boldly.

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– 1Beginner!

– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.


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