Beginner’s Perspective! Vol-3

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner.

Today’s Perspective – Holding On To The Right Challenge!
(You can also refer in context of Problem, i.e. Problem=Challenge)

For about a decade before, I started Working and became financially comfortable. At Age 18-19, I decide to take control in my hand, started making decisions for my life in minor-major areas of my life – like Health, Purchases, Education, Investments, Development, way of living, Philanthropy, (something simple like dressing as well)

I made a blunt appeal to my family that I am going to be live my life on my own terms and my own way but at the same time not disturbing/harming their life and living to my responsibilities. So, In the process I made many decisions, few of them (about 6-7) were major ones like major investments, Buying Bike,Cars, House purchase, dropping out of masters, high investing on development & so on.  Few were bang on target, few went not as I expected over a period of time. I had experienced a roller coaster ride in last decade.

So, In this Journey there were many scenarios where I was in some sort of mess, a problematic scenarios. I took them as challenges sent to test myself and be stronger (And the best part is that all these decisions were made through sensible thinking & Homework, still they turned out to be wrong over a period of time.) For a long while I thought there is no solution, I made a mistake. Would I be coming out of it?

(Please note – I am not sharing this to advertise myself or to pose as someone great but to share a new perspective.)

Its been said “No problem is offered to you without a solution.” In my journey over a decade, when I did hold on to problems/challenges for a long while (despite the whining, crying and cursing my luck) I did find a way out, the solutions appeared and I came out of it. My Life is like a roller coaster and that’s okay. In my view – The road to wisdom cannot be a smooth line. The ups & Downs make the journey exciting. I am not going to huddle in the corner to avoid problems in order to live a safe life. I am very open to expose myself to new experience and problems.

The Ultimate Perspective I have to share – Life Offers solution to every problem/Challenge you hold on to. but make sure its worthy, ultimate in view of your bigger future!

Currently at this phase of my life –  I am holding to a different challenge. Its Tapping the greatest Potential in Me, exploring the Artist in Me?

What are you currently Holding on to? Make Sure you are Holding on To Bigger One! 

– 1Beginner!

– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

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