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Today, I have came up with an exciting idea, I am damn sure you would love it. read till the end.

The Biggest duty for any human being is to close the gap between his knowledge & Action! @ Mahendra Kapady.

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I think and Act very simple. In fact, it’s very very simple. All my work, my philosophy is about Experience and Action, there is really nothing sort of rocket science in that. So, every time when I share my ideas with people. People often react in a notion. “Yeah, I know that.” But I have question for you – Do You Feel knowing is Enough? I don’t feel so. I have come across hundreds of people who revert with a notion “Yeah, I Know that.” But their life is still (As it is), at the same point where they started few years ago or far behind than expected. I strongly believe Knowing is never enough! Knowing is just beginning of cycle of wisdom, doing is the conclusion of the cycle. For those who say “I know that.” I ask them- “Do You Do that?” and either there is a silence or they come up with hundreds of excuses, reasons and justifications. So, notice the Gap between Knowing & Doing!

We have been taught to live with the GAP – Who taught us? Our Parents, friends, peers and well-wishers. Why? Because they say – what makes you think you can do that? Be realist! It’s not possible in real life, It’s impractical. It’s very difficult and so on. So, I ask you – why are you even preaching that? Take a breath and notice this gap of integrity. The biggest gap in the lives of human being is the gap of integrity. We always live with the GAP. The gap of dishonesty with the promises we make to ourselves. The gap of breaking your word all the time. The Gap of saying something and doing something else! Not walking in line with your Talking! The gap from starting to closure.

The biggest gap & the sign of average human being is not finishing what they start! Most of us always start with something and leave the thing in between. The thing is not difficult but maintaining the Discipline is. With lack of integrity,The GAP widens. (By the way even I am working on this and struggling over this) You know Every time you say something and doesn’t do it or leave it incomplete or in between you are widening the GAP. The bigger the GAP the hollow the personality!

After a while You & genuine People see you only as GAP, not as personality that  you say you are! You know why some people are called as hypocrites? Because of the integrity Gap! The Gap of dishonesty! Hypocrites are the people who has the biggest gap between their saying and doing, their agreement and delivery, their Talk and Performance, their Knowledge and Action!

The Biggest Responsibility For Person Of Wisdom Is To Close The Gap Between Knowledge & Action!@ Mahendra Kapady.

Understand The Idealist- The exactly opposite is the idealist. Idealist is the person with minimum Gap or No Gap! What they say is what they do! what they believe is what they are! What they are is what look like! They Are what they say, there is No Difference! They live their word. Their actions speak louder than their words. The speaker in them is coherent with the doer in them. Whereas for most of the people they have 2 different personalities in them i.e. Expert Speaker and mediocre Doer. By the way there is hardly any difference between Idealist & Eccentric. I know I am Eccentric and I am okay with that and I am inching closer and closer towards Becoming Idealist!

I closed The GAP – I do exercise for 60-75 mins everyday. Not a single day goes by without exercise, even in case of urgency & emergency I do not leave house without doing 15 minutes of stretching & 30 push-ups. There were few days when I did pushups at 4.00 Am in the morning & 11.00 pm in the night. So, from last 2 years in this endeavor of my life, I have managed to close the GAP. I am 1000% sure and confident when I am preaching about importance of health & physical regimen. I feel confident while speaking about my fitness regimen because there is no GAP of integrity.

So, who are you? Hypocrite or idealist. You don’t have to do much of a sacrifice, all you need to do is close the GAP between your Talk and Action. Start with something smaller! Something like exercise, investing, being true about your emotions. I Think twice before I lip something out of my mouth. I ask- Are my words coherent with my actions? Are they on 100% level? Understand 95% is not 100%. There is still some Gap! You might feel its only gap of 5% but closing the gap of 5% would reserve your seat in the legendary.

No one become idealist by speaking or mere talking but you can definitely do by Doing! You become legendary by living your idealistic views! You cannot become Extraordinary with the Gap in your Personality!

Still, I have many GAP’s to close in various endeavors of my life. I am working on it and willing to close the Gap!

Are You Willing To Close The Gap?

– 1Beginner!

– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

Disclaimer – I thought this idea is originated through me but yesterday when I was listening to International speaker Mel Robbins, I came to know this from her mouth. I feel I must have come across the ideas shared by her at some instance of my life (she said only one sentence in that interview) and I offer full credits to her or whomsoever it belongs. I really don’t know the origin of this idea. Still, I am writing my version to share this idea. My version is quite different. I am sharing from a new view perspective.

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