Soften Your Eyes!

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Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner.

Welcome back to another episode of Beginner perspective series! lets enroll to Volume-4.

Today’s Perspective – Soften Your Eyes!

Few days ago, I came across a situation which made me realize my Mistake. Yeah, I made a mistake and I admit it openly. (I am not perfectionist. I am human and I am work in progress, so I make mistakes.) Its not like someone said or pointed out my mistake in open but I discovered through happenstance & its of profound importance because I noticed my mistake when I chose to go through the situation with Peace and soft eyes.So, at the very moment this viewpoint clicked in my mind.

The Whole world looks the far more beautiful place to live if we stop seeing it through the Eyes of Anger and Expectations! 

The 2 golden Rules for Peaceful life can be –

  1. Don’t Expect it! (That you would be Right all the time.)
  2. Accept It! (You can go wrong or you made a mistake.)

You may come across many situations in your days where you would find Someone is irritating you, not helping you, criticizing or making comment about you for no reasons. It can be anything. It can be Anger, Rage, Reaction etc!

I suggest – Hold your breath for a while before you React or Respond- Hold that urge (I am Right) for a while. let it dissipate. The things would be appearing totally different at the moment than the meaning you were offering to them a breath ago. After a while you would realize the difference, the state of more peace and control, doesn’t matter you were Right or Wrong in that situation.

I suggest you to Hold Your Breath before you comment or Add meaning to something and see the situation from soft eyes!

Your Eyes are the windows through which you see the world and add colors to your life. Make sure these windows are Warm, Mild and Colorful.

Soften your Eyes and see the world through the New View of Understanding!

– 1Beginner!

– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

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