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Today, once again I have came up with an exciting idea, I am damn sure you would love it. if liked please share with your friends and family.

“Start using The language of Question? than Exclamation!” @ Mahendra Kapady.

 I have a desire to be a world class personality along with that I have a great desire for strong & healthy body. To be very specific I am looking for 6 packs abs & body with great shape, stamina like an athlete. (By the way I am even working on it every single day) This is my one of the desire. I have a desire to have an impeccable and supreme state of mind. I have many desires(wants) in different endeavors of my life. I have aspiration to live and elite life by elevating standards of my Mind, Body, spirit, Brain, Skills, Dreams & Desires. May be I am expecting more and that’s Okay. I don’t think small; I don’t want small. I want to live a bigger life. I want to leave on totally different spectrum.

Everyone has a desire for something in their life. You must be having desire to have a great body or a great personality. Someone must be having a desire for wealth & luxurious life. Someone can have a desire for big house or a mansion. Someone can have a desire for luxurious car. You can have desire for beautiful partner. You can have a desire for any particular thing. You can have desire for a high level of Skill, knowledge. Every human being have a desire for something bigger. We all have desire and that’s how we grow & accede in life. See, through desire I mean to say something to look forward in order to progress not being greedy, freak or addict. In Simple words you can have a desire for life of Abundance & Prosperity. (And to explain that I gave some specific examples to avoid vague discussion)

In short, we all have desire for something bigger and greater life. So, why don’t we live that life? What is coming in between? What’s stopping you? You might say it’s your situation, your Circumstances , Reality or something else. It can be true to some extent but I strongly believe there is only one thing standing between you and next level of your desired life or the entity you aspire. It’s the two words. I can’t!


If You want something you should stop using the words – I can’t. “I want & I can’t never work together.” The want and Can’t never work in harmony together.

You go to a superstore, Shopping Mall or Gadget gallery. Someone asks you – sir/madam why can’t you buy it? Its would be really suit to someone like you And you revert like No I can’t! I can’t afford that!

Someone asks you – Why don’t you pursue the writing. You say – No, I can’t!

You look good, why don’t you be more elite & stylish? You say – I can’t!

And you pour may be hundreds of reasons, justifications (which just born through your mind) which can be factual, true to some or very extent but trust me why are you saying & sharing something that is not helping you. No one cares! No one wants to listen to your sad story behind I can’t!

If you want to have anything big and worthy in your life all you got to do first is stop using these 2 words- “I Can’t”! @MK


My Perspective – You must understand your brain & mind together is like a combination Possibility Machine (new view) which is in operation mode 24*7. No breaks! No time off! As soon as you say No, I can’t do that or I can’t have that! Your brain and mind stops thinking in constructive mode and gives your thousands of combinations & possibilities like –

  • Why can’t you really afford that!
  • Why that thing is not made for you!
  •  Why can’t You deserve that life!

and you get paralyzed by the thousands of thoughts of How You can’t!

But on the other hand if you make slight change in your vocabulary & perspective & you say/think – “How can I afford that?” How can I do that? How can I have it? You mind/brain start operating on the whole new spectrum and produce hundreds of new ideas, possibilities in order to accomplish that thing.

The moment you say I can’t you start killing your Dreams & Aspirations!@ MK

For example –  I spent 10 years of my teenage & career days thinking & saying I can’t afford the big house and you know that really turned out right – I couldn’t! but When I asked myself – “how can I afford it?” My mind came up with hundreds of ideas. An options to increase in savings, having passive income, investing heavy, working part time & even something stupid like winning a crore rupee lottery and bought house. And I say that’s okay. May be most of the ideas that came in my mind wouldn’t work but some would definitely. So, that’s the whole imperative of this ideology. Say something that ignite your aspiration than leaving you in helpless and desperation mode. Instead of using exclamation mark that would paralyze functioning of your brain,mind use a question mark that would stimulate your mind & brain to come up with new ideas to bridge the gap between Desire to Reality, Thought & accomplishment.

I can’t is the language of Exclamation! I can’t is the language of Conclusion!

How can I is the language of Question! How can I is the language of Exploration!


You don’t have show-Off or Act like Hypocrite – I think there is a better way to say the facts and still desire, aspire for the entity. Instead of saying I can’t buy that or I can’t afford that. Change you language and say – No! Not now. I am not buying that right now. I am not looking for it right now. It’s not my need right now. The words you use in that situation create a whole new meaning for your life and create a circle of possibilities around you.

Remember every time you say I can’t have it I feel you are actually saying I don’t want it. Because “I can’t” would not allow you to leave the comfort of mediocrity and make an attempt of “how can I”, which would make a way for you to be legendary!

Be legendary! “ Do what you Can’t.”

– 1Beginner!

– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

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