Beginners Perspective Vol-5

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner.

Today’s Perspective – The Real Best For You From Within!

We live in an information world where the information is so abundantly available that it has lost its value and gravity of existence.

Its just a thought that I was thinking for a long while –

Most of the time people share the quote with me and they say – Hey, M.K. “This is the best thought that clicked in my mind or this is the best thought I came across ” and they share quite enthusiastically with me and others. Few of them request me – why don’t you elaborate this or publish an article over it? To which I revert No! I ask them if you have understood it then its not necessary, all you need is urge to put that into action & if its that worthy for you then you need discipline to sustain the initiative/process. You don’t necessarily have to share with 100 people and post on social media or as status!

It founds out to be same for the Ideas – They share with me quite enthusiastically that this is the best idea have ever discovered or best concept I have ever come across. What say? I say nothing. I say good! I say – if its that good why don’t you work over it?

I strongly believe- The Best Thought is something that is brought into life & the best idea is something that is brought into execution. Everything else is garbage just piling up in your brain & mind. or Its just something that soothing your brain, mind and ego for a while and give you feel of knowledgeable person.

Ask yourself – If that thought and idea is so much worthy and best for me why I am not bringing that to life? why?

The answer is you are in so love with your already held ideas and thoughts that you do not want to leave them! Even though they do not serve you the way you want still you are holding on to them , you are so accustomed to them that you subconscious say – That’s the best for you and it smartly fades the new idea and thought which can be really best for you!

So, next time think what is real best for you – The one that you thought which would make you grow and uncomfortable or the one that is with you gonna keep comfortable but mediocre.

Your life changes by the thoughts you live & ideas you brought into action not what you post or circulate with people!

You decide which is real best for you! The one you have(came across) or the one that you are holding on to!

– 1Beginner!

– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

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