I Can Handle It!

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Sometimes things happen!You cant change or control them but you can definitely handle them! @ Mahendra Kapady.

People say life is happening you cant change it! May be! But I have some different view.

Life is not happens to you but it happens for you! @ Anonymous.

Why so? If you just go through life day after day, the month & years can just pass like as they usually are. But if you flow through life with your heart, soul & spirit open it can be an exhilarating experience. It can be exceptional moments to remember. Every day can be an eye-opening & growing experience. Life can be entirely different & you can definitely grow through it than just going through it.

I am sharing an experience of last Sunday. This happened in my toastmasters meeting. It was not really that wonderful while I was going through it. I got panicked, unhappy still I went though it & saved my face from slight embarrassment but when I did some introspection it’s been one of the insightful learning experience. It gave me a wonderful lesson for life.

This Sunday in my toastmasters meeting, I had to give an evaluation over a fellow’s speech. I was bit relaxed as I was aware about the regular course of meeting. But somehow the order, agenda of the meeting was altered in the beginning and since I arrived exactly in time & was not actively participating in planning of the meeting I wasn’t actually aware about it. I thought I would have a tea break & breathing space of about 20-25 minutes before going to deliver my short evaluation speech. But due to this alteration in session, I have to give my evaluation report immediately in next 4-5 minutes. I was not ready with the script & anything. My hands were trembling, my body started shaking. Even though I have become decently comfortable with public speaking but at this moment the fear of public speaking erupted to its peak due to spontaneity & unexpected happenstance. I thought I would ask a time out or I would give it a pass but it was not possible.

Since I had no other alternative, I just somehow started writing with my trembling hands. My handwriting was so shabby that it was not at all legible. I was making the raw report, raw script & I listened my name is being called by the anchor of meeting, I rushed there & delivered the report with spontaneity. I added Bit of humor, bit of script, bit of timely additions, bit of gut & lot of goof-up, ahhs &  ums & few grammatical mistakes.

I came down from the stage & took a breath of great escape, my pal Anirudh who was sitting next to me said you pulled of well because he was in exactly same situation as I was.

The Lesson of I.C.H.I. -Despite been a not so good performance, I learned a valuable experience on that day. In-fact the art. I learned the lesson “I can handle it”. In fact i never experimented about new style for delivery, a humor or speaking on the feet but since I had no other option I had to complete my task through that way and it went somehow well. We as humans always prepare for something & something radical happens, things don’t go as expected by us, so what’s next? We have to either run away or we have handle it! but if we decide to handle it, we learn something fast & spontaneously that we had never actually intended to learn in regular and comfortable course of life.

We spend our hours and days to master and perfecting the straight drive & all of sudden life throws a curve ball. So all our practice, perfection comes to a stake. What you got to do at that time “You got to handle it.” Our whole lives happen that way. Murphy ’s Law is playing its role very effectively all the way throughout our lives. And we foolishly keep on planning our life like the Perfectionists. I am not against planning, I am not preaching that we should live unplanned life or live on random scale. Nope not at all. I am saying live planned but do not get obsessed with it. Do not fall into the trap of perfect planning, execution from start to end & feeling regret, remorse if it doesn’t go that way.

” In life, Planning plays a important role but Handling is Everything once your life doesn’t go in accordance with the plans you have drawn!” @ Mahendra Kapady.

Learn the Art of Handling – Instead of being perfectionist be like an Artist who makes the monuments even from the stones thrown at him by his critics. Be the master in – Art of Handling. And every time life throws life throws a curve ball or bouncer against the usual delivery do not bow down your head or get away from it with the fear but go ahead & play the pull shot with the bat having the force of “I can handle it.”

If you carefully observe the lives & journey of legends, you would find that these guys were not the best in creating the situations but they were exceptional in handling the situations that were offered to them by life. I feel the more important part of our life is about handling the situations than creating the situations. Life is all about expect the unexpected!

Image result for life is 10 what happens to me and 90 of how i react to it
The 90% is all about Handling The Offers Made To You!

On that day “I went on the stage with the line “I have to handle it” but on the same day I came with an learning & experience “I Can handle it.”

Please note – This event happened about 2 months ago even though I wrote immediately but somehow went unpublished citing some work, hence publishing as it happened without changing the context of date.

If liked please share with your loved ones.

– 1Beginner!

– Written By Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.




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