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Question Is Just A Question! There Is No Thing As Right Question Or Wrong Question! @ Mahendra Kapady.

We all fear about asking questions? We fear every where! Where do we fear? In our workplace, At our family, to seniors, to our colleague, to our boss, to our parents, in the classroom, in banks, in offices, in public & many more places. but if You ask someone personally why did you fear? Why didn’t you ask the question right at that moment? He said Hey, I was not fearful! It wasn’t that big question, I was feeling a bit awkward, Maybe the question was not right! I was hesitant to interrupt him in between! (& may be many more or near-bout reasons like that), “So, I was not fearful, I don’t have fear.” The guy exclaimed & concluded the conversation.

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So, let me ask you- What is this All? Awkwardness, Doubt, Uncertainty, Hesitancy. This is nothing but signs of fear or other forms of Fear that stops you from taking the foot forward, it stops you from asking questions! The fear can be anything –

  1. What if I make mistake? It would be embarrassing?
  2. What if my question is not that big, People would term me silly!
  3. What if The person in front of me, doesn’t like the question! They would get angry!
  4. What if My question is very straight? What he/she would think about Me?
  5. If I would ask such a simple question, people would laugh on Me?
  6. What if my question itself is wrong? People would make fun of me all the time!
  7. Nobody is asking the question! Why Should I ask the question?
  8. I am not that qualified to ask the question! He/she may not like it! So, let it Be!

I had such & so many doubts in my college days, I am sure not few but most of you must be having such questions rumbling in your mind in public situations.

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I ask you – what would happen if you ask that question? The answer could be yes or no! It could be in your favor or against you, that means you have 50% or more scope of success. Yeah, there is a scope of getting embarrassed, hurt, termed fool, got a piece of fun but the important part is if you ask question & anything of above happens, you would be foolish for one day but if you didn’t ask the question, the wavering energy stays with you. The question would be rumbling in your mind throughout the days, months or maybe years!

See,If anything shit happens you would be the fool for one day but see the other view what if you be a sport? Take it sportingly, at least you dared, showed courage, took a step forward to challenge the status quo. There is a high chance that maybe 50 people sitting around had similar questions.still, they preferred to sit calmly because of fear but you are different, you are bold , you are not like them. you created a difference with that question. You can be foolish for one day but you would be courageous for the rest of your life if you carry that sport (the bold habit) with you.

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Asking questions is a skill! – 
Asking question is not a sign of weakness but its vital tool of the learners. I strongly believe- Genius ask the question, vacate their mind and create the space for new things looking forward whereas ordinary, fearful people hesitate to ask, keep thinking around that question and block their mind from entering anything new, so end up stuck at same placeIts the Bold Habit which very few willingly undertake. By the way its not gifted, it has to be cultivated. You can create a good impression, a good connect by learning the skill of asking a timely question! Asking questions is a skill!

I demand – You wanna learn,Ask Questions!

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People have very weak memories – Another view is people have weak memories and they have their own concerns to resolve and mistakes to worry about. No one has that much time to remember and work on our mistakes. Its we who enlarge such incidences & keep on repeating on our mind screen. You have let them go! You can acquire a good level of confidence by asking a question in front of the public! I started practicing this when I started working in an organization where I saw everybody around is un-restful, uneasy with the questions they have but they always look for someone to start so they can taste the wasters.

Asking question is not a sign of weakness but the sign of attentiveness, its a primary a sign of intelligence & involvement.

Its been said ” The one who is afraid to ask questions is ashamed of Learning.”
So, Don’t Act coward! Be brave! Be bold! Ask questions!

– 1Beginner!

-Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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