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I don’t wait for Motivation Or Inspiration, I Create It! @ Mahendra Kapady.

This article can also be termed as 3 Profound Principles of My Success.

I am a Life-Enthusiast! I am always on high! I wake up jumping out of bed & jumping even till midnight. Even though I do have/had my bad days but I do not dwell on it. I jump in and start running again. I am always enthusiastic to do new things, take action and live the life head on!

So, I am always get asked with one question. Hey, how do you stay motivated and enthusiastic most of the time? I have only one answer for them, I do stay motivated & enthusiastic because I do not wait for it.

Waiting for someone to help Me is not part of my living philosophy. I don’t wait for anyone from outside. If I don’t find it, I create it! How I create it ? I inspire myself by keeping myself moving most of the time, sometimes for even 20 hours a day. Like last night I slept only about 3.5 hours and I am still on High (without using any performance drugs – ha ha)

And beyond this ideology, I have 3 Profound Principles as a part of my Success Philosophy. By the way – I have a different definition for success. I am not measuring success from society standards i.e. only in terms of money I make.

Image result for my definition of success

I am measuring my success over the Progress I made, My evolution as personality and well-being and growth in different endeavors of my life. (Money is of course one of them & I am earning good amount of money). I think I have evolved quite well on different parameters as Health, Finance, Knowledge, Skill, Strong & confident Personality and poise human being. And I have a long long way to go. I neither own a business nor hold any big accomplishments, awards on my name nor I have million dollars in my bank account still I feel myself as successful. Because Success is a more of feeling & it doesn’t have any specific measurement criteria. Success is not stereotype; it has different definition for person to person.  5 years prior – I was working as Manager, earning 10 lakh rupees a year, had heavy balance & owning a Superbike, Car, bought the House and still feeling dissatisfied and never considered myself as success! Whereas today, I neither own the Superbike, house nor heavy bank balance. I am not counting on any material beings/things, still I Consider myself as success! How? In reference to the journey and progress I have made over the years. I see New Me over Old Me.

See! Before someone else see or refer you as success, You have to see and approve yourself as success. You must introduce yourself as Success! The prime reason I consider myself as successful is because of my Success Philosophy. It’s because of my S.P. , I stay excited and live the life with full enthusiasm. So, behind my success philosophy there are 3 profound principles.

Image result for 3 principles
I Don’t Want To Keep It Only with Me! Here We Go!

I would like to share them with you-(please click on the links to read the articles in detail)

  1. Start Imperrfect! (Jump In! Make Mistakes! Fail Forward & Move Ahead!)  
  2. Do What You Can’t!
  3. Finish What You Start!

I am very sure these are the 3 profound principles would help you accede in any endeavors of your life, it can be health, Career, Finance, mental well-being, Goals, dreams, relationship or anything provided you apply them in right context.

By the way – these ideas are not at all mine, they were already there, I just came across them. I have already shared the reference how I came across them. Guys, you need to understand one thing, ideas are everywhere. It’s not the ideas but the execution that matters. Ideas do not work if you don’t work. So Ideas are not big deal but when I came across these Ideas I jumped on them and imbibed on my life with whatever I got. And I follow them No Matter what! And trust me my life has never been the same. These 3 ideas are my secret to stay motivated & stay high on life.


If liked please share on with your friends & family!

Shared by Mahendra Kapady@2019, All rights reserved.



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