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The Prime Reason Of Your Mental Fatigue Is Unfinished Tasks! @ Mahendra Kapady.

I have been thinking about writing over this idea for a long while. Let me make it very clear, this is not at all my idea. It sparkled in my mind about 6 months ago then I heard about this idea from a very favorite author and I had kept this idea half written in my drafts for about months, recently decided to complete this article and suddenly a friend of mine shared the video over this idea from same author which forced me to conclude an article on this perspective.

I am sure you must have heard about this perspective and I am sharing it with a new view, stay tuned till the end.

Why this article? Few days prior- I came across an interesting and eye-opening philosophy from Mr. Vivek Bindra. He asked an empowering question to the viewers!

Kaam Karna kisi kehte hai?

The views he shared-

  • kaam chalu karne ko kaam karna nahi kehte!
  • Kam karte rahen ko bhi kaam nahi kerte!
  • kaam shure sarkhno bhi kaam karna nahi kehte!
  • Kaam pura karne ko kaam karna kehte hain!

I would translate the same in English.

What do you mean by Doing the Work?

  • Initiating a work doesn’t mean You are doing the work!
  • Keep on working doesn’t mean You are doing the work!
  • Keep on continuing the work doesn’t mean You are doing the work!
  • When you complete the work it implies You are doing the work!

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Why Finishing Is Important
Do you buy an Unfinished product, so why are you producing unfinished Product! We all know that no one buys an unfinished product. The thing which is work in progress for a long while soon gets forgotten and become dust after a while. People do admire the beginning & work in progress but they only respect something which is Complete! Incomplete soon becomes obsolete.
Finishing is not only about finishing a task or the work. It has greater impact on your personality. It has a direct relevance with your self-esteem and confidence. When you finish the tasks that you undertake the feel of “I am somebody.” sparkles in your mind. It evolves your personality a lot from ? (question mark) to ! (exclamation mark) And it feels really great when you travel from Can I do it to I did It!

When we finish the tasks we undertake our self-confidence starts to rise and it start boosting our self-esteem and our self-image grows bigger and brighter which end up in elevating our Self-Worth. You evolve yourself from Person to Personality!

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Legends Are Finishers!
If you flip the pages of history, you would get to know some interesting examples about the importance of concluding the resolve’s! There were quite few people who were working on innovations such as Manned Aircraft, on Telephone and on Automobile but most of them gave up after few/many attempts.
So, its not important that how brilliant you idea is or how you execute you ideas!  its most important how you bring them to fruition! Only Alexander Graham Bell, Wright brothers and Karl Benz did it. That’s why they are termed as legends. in fact they never actually came up with idea, same idea sparkled in minds of too many in the history and we do not even remember their names. Too many people Start! Very few of them continue but the World remembers only those who Finish What They Start. They are also known as rare breed.

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Why Don’t We Finish?
We do not finish what we start because we do not believe in ourselves! We always seek some external approval. We wait for some push or some motivation or inspiration to take over us and trust me it hardly happens. If you wait for the push or motivation you would be waiting for it may be for a very long while. See, in order to finish what you start you need to work on your faith muscle. You must act as its must for you. In order to conclude your resolve’s you need to strengthen your faith muscles. and how you can strengthen them? you can strengthen them by starting small tasks & concluding them one after the another! You can learn swimming only by swimming, in same way You can learn the art of finishing only by finishing.

In simple Words – My experience about this view.

For me – I have some set of rituals that I follow every day since morning. I have about 8-10 habits that I do on daily basis as part of development philosophy. I do whatever it takes to complete all tasks along with my rituals. When I do them, I feel I am somebody. I am on cloud 9, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I don’t need any external motivation or push from someone. Every night before next day, I write my schedule/activities on my To do lists along with rituals and next day I throw myself fully into completion of my tasks.

And I am not perfect, I also make mistakes. Not all days are same! So, when I get out of schedule and couldn’t finish the tasks and rituals that I had decided, I feel quite low and not that confident as usual. Knowing the situation, I do not respect myself a lot for that day.

When you Finish the tasks that you undertake, you start respecting yourself and the feeling of self-worth starts to rise, which serves as inner motivation. The bottom line is – The world respects and bows in front of the people who finish what they Undertake!

Modern Day Fallacy –
We live in the 21st century, we live with the fast paced world and with the vague fallacy of multitasking! Where we start working on 4-5 things at a time. And after a day or set target time (can be week or month) we end up knowing we completing only 2 or 3 tasks. So, we should be happy because we completed the 3 tasks but do we? Instead we feel quite dissatisfied because we didn’t complete the 2 and after a while you come to know that the 3 tasks that you finished is not the best of your work and you may need to work on it again.

That’s what happen with us. In a year or in a month we initiate about 10 tasks or too many goals in different endeavors of our life like Health, Well-being, discipline, finances, development & so on. Then We go full throttle on all tasks for first few days and after a while reality of life sets in, we start dropping out from one after the another. And at the end of the month of month or year we come to we haven’t done anything properly.

When you start 10 things & you leave them incomplete, you would be hopeless & not so great about your worth but when you complete what you start you feel the power & you Jump on to next task & next after that & next.

So I suggest instead of taking 10 resolves at a time. Take 1 and give your 101% to it and when you complete it, turn on to other. When you complete one task or achieve a proficiency/control over that activity you gain enough confidence to go for next. Finishing the tasks creates an inner motivation in you which propels you to finish the next and so on.

it’s been said the un-attempted dreams hurt but at the same time uncompleted tasks  hurt a lot as they attack your self-esteem!

How to Finish what you start – if you search on internet, you would find 100 solutions to this question and I do not want to get into that,we all know the methods and solutions for our problems the thing that lacks is discipline. but I have different approach. I employ only 3 principles.

  1. I just Do it! I don’t wait for any Approval, Push or Motivation!
  2. I do not get trapped in vague fallacy of perfection.I finish it and the rework on next.
  3. I employ simple principle of 3 words “No Matter What.

There is enough power & emotional strength in you, you tap into that reservoir only when you finish what you start. when you keep the tasks incomplete you realize your limits but when you Finish what you start, you discover you limitless potential in the pursuit of the next. You must finish what you start!

You can discover the greatness in you and limitless potential only when you harness the skill of – Finish What You Start!

– 1Beginner!

-Written by Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.


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