Be The First Hand Of Failing!  

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If You Are Not Failing Enough You Are Not Exploring Enough! @ Mahendra Kapady.

Everyone expects to be successful in their life but very few manage to succeed. Why? It’s not because of the quantum of efforts they take but it’s because of the quality of the efforts they undertake. The repetitive efforts lead to mediocre results and frustration. Success demands diverse attempts to reach the final line and many of them go through the land of failures.

The Demand of Courage – 
In order to be successful in any endeavor of your life, the very basic ingredient & the very first attribute you must possess is the Courage! You got to be courageous, there is no other way around. Living a life is challenging task  and living a great life is much of a risky, meticulous business. More than anything Great life demands courage and beyond that we have to increase the level of our courage every single day. Remember forwards is the only way outwards.

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The leaders of the world are not necessarily the people of knowledge but the people of courage!@Mahendra Kapady.

The Comfort with Courage –
The life of meaning and prosperity begins with the first step of courage. The courage to step out of comfort zone. We all know it takes Courage to begin! So, in the path of our dreams we take first step of courage,then  we get some initial success and we get comfortable with that level of courage we accomplished but in my view it’s not enough. Courage is the common denominator in the journey of Success. The journey has many stages like beginning, Mid and Conclusion. In order to continue, progress and conclude the path of your dreams you need to expand your range of courage. The locus of courage should be expanding as you propagate on your journey. If your level of courage is not increasing, then there is a high scope that you are either stuck at place or moving backward in the pacey world.

Remember it takes a level of courage to start and it takes another level of courage to finish what you started ! You would get punished If you choose to stay at one level .

Standing at the free throw line

Very often, our life makes us stand at the situations where we are not ready. You might say its bad luck or something like that nope it’s not but its an opportunity in disguise. its always an scope for testing yourself whether you are serious enough. In my view it’s an opportunity to elevate your level of courage!

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When you are standing at the free throw line, at the edge of opportunity or challenge you prefer to stop. Why? You stop because of  the fear of embarrassment or disappointment. You might feel you are not prepared enough, confident enough or talented enough. It’s not the knowledge, skill or potential in you that’s pulling you back, it’s the quantum of courage in you! and we prefer the best possible outcome – to retrieve with the very best justification- Next time. And you know the level courage of courage may not be born within, it needs to be cultivated. Standing at the free throw line either you jump in or you withdraw and irrespective of the result, the action taken by you shows your level of courage and defines your character!

The link of Courage & Confidence – 
For me the courage and confidence is one thing. In general they are interlinked. Being confident doesn’t mean you never fail or you are always right, it means you are bold enough in taking the step of courage despite knowing you might fail. Confidence is not the matter of knowledge and skills all the time but it’s the matter of your inventory of courage. In order to increase the level of courage you must have to become comfortable with the feeling of failing.

Get Comfortable with Failing –

I do agree that failure is not comfortable still you got to Accept it. To err is human! Accept the fact that you can fail and keep your mind comfortable with the feeling of failure. Get accustomed to the feeling that you can fail often and it’s not that lethal. Take the feedback and move on to the next time. There is no thing as failing it’s just and experimentation and attempts. You need to free yourself from the vague notion of “I am always right.”(may be its subconscious) as it comes between your growth.

Everyday – In my office, or within group or in business meet or club meetings or any public even I attend, every time any opportunity,task or a role is offered, I always raise my hand first. That doesn’t mean I am somebody & I know it all. You know sometimes/most of the times I make errors, I make mistakes, I fail quite often and I feel that’s okay. At least I have defeated my fear of failure. Too many people develop the skills & knowledge but they never develop the art of mastering the fear of failure and they keep wondering why they are not moving forward. Its not the skill but the will to fail (walk through pain & criticism) differentiates the mediocre from the master!

Take It to The Next Level

Be the First hand of Failing!
Every time an opportunity is offered to you do not sit on the fence, stop tasting the water from the shore. Stop looking for someone to raise their hand, come forward and you would follow him/her later.

See leaders don’t wait for someone to lead them, they take the challenge Head on – and may be that’s the reason they are always termed as fool in the beginning. Yeah,there is always highest risk og going first so does the reward and maximum scope of expressing yourself naturally not getting dominated by happened versions.

If you want to be a leader in any endeavor of your life first you need to be the leader of your life. In order to be that you need to command over you fear of failure. Leaders do not wait for someone to take the chance first and then follow them. They jump in with a resolve and figure out the ways later. You might argue about this idea with the practicably of the approach. One thing I would like to remind you- you already know what you need after you have taken that decision and you already have it, all the thing that lacking is the courage and its reason can be the over excessive love with yourself and fallacy of I am perfect-  How can I fail?

All opportunities can be explored when you master the art of handling the fear and before that make sure you are first hand of Failing!

I am always alright in being the first hand of failing! Are you?


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