The Only Way To Get Stronger…..!

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Welcome back to another Beginner’s perspective series Volume-7

Today’s Perspective – The Only Way To Get Stronger!


The need to be Stronger – Being Successful is equivalent to reaching the peak of the mountain whose path is full of hurdles and uncertainties. In order to be successful you got to wiser & bolder and most importantly you need to be Stronger. You can gain anything in the journey  i.e. people,resources, knowledge or Skills provided you are stronger enough to claim it. You can have anything you want if you are strong enough to go and grow through the process. You got to have a thick skin else you need to develop the thick skin, as the harsh weather can peel of your soft skin and make you sensitively naked in the journey. The soft person cannot survive in this journey in the hunt of success.


I am soft Person & I am Work In Progress – one of the reason I am writing this post because I need to acknowledge my status. To be very honest I am a soft kind of a person. May be that status have worked for me till this juncture of life but today I feel I need to grow stronger. I have started working on myself to develop thick skin. I accept I am not that strong person and I have decided I am not going to settle with that status. I would either be a strong person or die trying but not giving up to life with the title of Soft/weak person.


The Only Way – The only way to get stronger is going through the Pain. Life is not a 3 hour movie, where everything happens in next frame like flash. The story of rags to riches takes decade. In the journey of life you have to go through disappointments, discomfort, desperation, frustration, hurt, agony & Pain in order to evolve as somebody stronger. Pain is not an obstacle rather its a virtue for stronger version of yourself. What is Pain? Pain is an situation to restart your life. Pain is a tool that make your realize fallacies in you and help you to reboot your life to next level. Pain is not there to stop you but to propel you forward provided you use it wisely. In order to build something stronger you have to demolish existing weaker base, you cannot build a taller structure on weaker foundation. Before you make something stronger you have to break something weaker!

” If it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger.”@ Anonymous.

Life is Equivalent To Gym – As all of us know you cannot develop stronger body & endurance by good diet, reading health science and studying about health mastery, meditating, going through surgeries & medication. If someone still believe in those ways best of luck with that. In my view that’s complete non sense. You can only develop stronger muscles by going through pain of discipline, sweat & hurt.

Equivalent to that, you cannot become stronger just by working on one dimension of life. I strongly believe we have to work on 4 dimensions in order to live successful life. The 4 dimensions are Mind, Body, Brain & Spirit. Are you sure you are working on that? on all 4 of them?

You cannot expect the greatness in you if you are working on one dimension all the time ignoring others. Our Mind, Body, Brain & Spirit are interlinked. Any of it cannot function at its peak without support of each other. Our life turns out to be the best when they work in harmony and in sync with each another.

See, you cannot become stronger only by reading books, watching inspirational content , hiring mentor & gaining all the information all the time. You are just getting stronger with information not with enthusiasm & action. You need to go through some discomfort, challenges & pain in order to know your strength and how much you can endure? How much gut-load you have and you can carry & how much you can persist despite of difficulties? you need to testify your strength on the deck of life. And the deck of life is hard like concrete. and life is going to bang you from top many many times. make sure you become strong not brittle.

– 1Beginner!

-Written by Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

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