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Welcome back to another Beginner’s perspective series Volume-8

Today’s Perspective – Aim More Than Your Reach!

” If you do not have the goals that consume you, beware! Because your distractions will.” @ Mahendra Kapady.

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Why this post ? To confront the truth.

In my personal life, I always aim more than what I can do! My to do list is always overflowing. It always have at least 4 or 5 activities more than my usual schedule that I can accommodate. About 4 Years prior, When I understood the importance of setting goals, my life exploded into change. I started setting goals for everyday, week and month & years. So, over a while I developed the habit of keeping goals beyond my capacity, aiming something beyond my reach and that does not necessarily mean I achieve them all the time. To err is human! I don’t want to hide my fallacies.I do miss my goals every now and then and I revise them time to time. I am work in progress! Sometimes I feel quite exhausted while chasing/working to meet them.

Lets take example of my daily Goals, rituals that I have kept for myself.

  1. Waking up at 4.30 Am – 5.00 Am every day.
  2. Writing at least 2 articles every day & publish a post everyday on my blog.
  3. Work-out 7 days a week, sometimes 2 sports in a day. (Running, Cycling & Weights) along with 2.5 km of post dinner walk.
  4. Read 40 pages every day.
  5. Doing 3 different (may be small) activities out of my comfort Zone.

These are few of my daily rituals as a part of my daily schedule to which I term as success regimen and I do follow them No matter what. and its not easy, still I follow it for about 345-350 days out of a year. (and I am so obsessed in doing them that sometimes I have paid the price as well.) and I was/am doing them while continuing my 8 hour job with 3 hour travel and 5-6 hours of variable sleep.

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It never worked for Me & never will be!

This is Inhuman, Slow Down Emm –  This is what people advised when they came to know about my obsession over this these small things. My parents, my friends & my well-wishers always raised the point of concern about my regimen and questioned my ways to reach the small daily targets. They used to ask to many questions – How do you do that? and why do you have to do that? why there is need to stretch yourself so much? you would burn out one day in reaching your goals? Slow down, why are you in so hurry ? You don’t have to do everything in one day! You can do them alternate day and still be happy!

To those questions I never really had an answer, I either ignored them or just listened for a while but never took it seriously because for them these are irrelevant activities and habits of not so great significance. To be very honest, I am/was not getting any reward for doing or any penalty for missing them. I am not taking any 90 day social media challenge or not hoping for any recognition or social reward. I was/am doing these activities for building the better and stronger version of myself. and I cant afford to take a holiday or cutting the corners.

Are they right ? Few days prior I took the discussion quite seriously and asked myself – Why to do so much hassle? May be they are right!I should not stretch myself so much, I should take it easy, things would happen somehow!

The Experiment To Slow Down – So,In last week I opted leave for 3 days and I observed something peculiar. Now I had 12 more hours than my usual time & Since, I had too much time than my goals & activities, I should have over delivered but the things went exactly other way around, I didn’t even do the bare minimum. Why? I got heavily distracted. I skipped the early morning gym, I didn’t meditate that seriously, I didn’t publish the blog and the whole 3 days vanished in more of busyness, entertainment, less productive activities. I observed that I have nothing bigger and greater on my to-do list and I am just running here & there doing nothing worthwhile.

I asked myself – what the hell I did with 3 priceless days?  I found out that I was more productive on my working days than these 3 days where I was totally free.

Image result for its better to worn out than rusted

Seeking Life of Comfort – 

I feel, If you are seeking for life for comfort in your early days then you are planning  either for regret or disaster in your after days. I am not against any material luxury or comfort. I just want to say do not delude yourself that life of comfort is life of happiness. Life of comfort & life of happiness are 2 different terms. Life of comfort is different than the life of happiness. Happiness demands your involvement towards worthy cause and offers the joy in the process and sense of accomplishment! Comfort has totally different perspective and it demands nothing from you and offers nothing but regret in long run.

Image result for stretch yourself

If you are not stretching yourself hard enough then you won’t be reaching long enough! @Mahendra Kapady. The only way to test your potential and know you limits is setting the target beyond your existing limits.

So, I decided that I would always keep my to do list full with the activities that would scare me than being too much comfortable.

We live in the era of distraction & comfort. So, we humans have habit of doing slightly lesser than what is asked! If you Aim More! You would definitely achieve more than usual but if you Aim Less or Aim Moderate, you would achiever even lesser than usual!

Aim More!Get Uncomfortable! Achieve More!
Aim Less! Get comfortable!Achieve Lesser!

I strongly believe that there is something more and bigger inside us than what we see in Us and its our duty to bring that out of us! So, If you never Aim More, how can you find something more out of life! 

– 1Beginner!

-Written by Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

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